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  1. Joel R

    I just wanted to let you know you have some great mods for the IPS community.  Thank you for all of your work and contributions.  :smile:

    1. TracyIsland


      Nice post but for someone like me, reading the All Activity stream, I click on the update and read what you wrote and naturally I would like to review these mods.  Nothing on the personal profile that will take me to FP's mods. 

      I made this suggestion to IPB staff but no one took it with any genuine interest.

      It is sooooooooooooooo easy to fix - just add a third tab up above: Activity  | Albums  | Files

      Such a simple fix. 

      Or, if Charles doesn't like that idea and never likes anything I suggest, he or his coders could add a link to the IPS Marketplace section in the sidebar to the left, that would, when clicked, take the visitor to a list of FP's file submissions. 

    2. -FP


      I'm glad you like my plugins Joel :)

      And yeah, it would be nice if they added a tab or something for that. Right now people has to click "See my activity", and then click Files on the left side.

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