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  1. Hi Martin, Here is the code for method verifyLegacyPassword() in my installatation : public function verifyLegacyPassword( $password ) { return \IPS\Login::compareHashes( $this->members_pass_hash, md5( md5( $this->members_pass_salt ) . md5( \IPS\Request::legacyEscape( $password ) ) ) ); } It looks pretty much the same as updatePassword() that I found in /admin/sources/base/ipsMember.php
  2. Hi, I am closing my IPB forum which is not used anymore. However, I would like to keep the existing members database which is used for another section of my website, without asking them to change their password. I'd consequently like to use the same password algorythm as in IPB on my own authentication system, just by keeping name, email, members_pass_hash, members_pass_salt from the database. My question is : do you know how are the passwords managed in IPB ? Any help would be appreciated. Edit As from the public function updatePassword(), it looks like the pass_hash is : $new_pass = md5( md5( $member['members_pass_salt'] ) . $new_md5_pass ); But the hash stored in the Database seem to be the result of a password_hash() function.
  3. That probably means that this fails: require_once $path . 'init.php';
  4. Hi, This works with the current release : if ((isset($_POST["token"], $_COOKIE["CSRFtoken"])) && ($_POST["token"] == $_COOKIE["CSRFtoken"])) { require_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/forums/init.php'); $IPSLogin = new \IPS\Login\Internal; $IPSLogin->init(); $member = \IPS\Member::load( $_POST['username'], 'name' ); if ( $member->member_id ) { if ( \IPS\Login\Handler::findMethod('IPS\Login\Handler\Standard')->authenticatePasswordForMember($member, \IPS\Request::i()->password ) ) { $device = \IPS\Member\Device::loadOrCreate($member); $device->updateAfterAuthentication( TRUE ); // TRUE is "Remember Me" echo 1; } else { echo 0; // Password incorrect } } }
  5. I am already using that, but I din't find any attachment option.
  6. Hi, Is there a way to request an attached document during the registration process ?
  7. Hi, # tail /var/log/httpd/error_log should give some clues.
  8. Hello, I am wondering what are the consequences on reputation levels after a member deletion. It looks like all the reputations given by a deleted member are removed from the table ibf_core_reputation_index in the database, but levels remains the same. Do I have to "recalculate" and if yes, how to proceed ?
  9. A parenthese is missing. In my case, 'Nickname You Want' field contains a paranthese, I messed the paste up. 🙂 $sql="update ibf_forums_posts set post = replace(post, '".$name."', 'Nickname You Want')";
  10. Just in case it is needed by someone else, here is what I have done: $sql = "select member_id from ibf_core_members where name = '".$name."'"; $result = $pdo->query($sql); $row = $result->fetch(); $member_id = $row['member_id']; require_once('/path/to/forums/init.php'); $IPSLogin = new \IPS\Login\Internal; $IPSLogin->init();$member = \IPS\Member::load( $member_id ); $member->delete(false); $sql = "update ibf_forums_topics set starter_name = 'Nickname You Want' where starter_name = '".$name."'"; $pdo->query($sql); $sql = "update ibf_forums_topics set last_poster_name = 'Nickname You Want' where last_poster_name = '".$name."'"; $pdo->query($sql); $sql="update ibf_forums_posts set post = replace(post, '".$name."', 'Nickname You Want'"; $pdo->query($sql); $sql = "update ipb.ibf_forums_posts set author_name='Nickname You Want',edit_name='Nickname You Want' where author_id=".$member_id; $pdo->query($sql);
  11. Hi, I'll sql / replace in the database to sort this quickly out. Thanks for your answers.
  12. The source is a registered letter from the CNIL (Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés) I received at home... 😞
  13. I know that, but the whole sentence is : It has been declared by the local regulator in France that keeping a name public on a forum is not a such necessity.
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