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    wdport reacted to Meddysong in Reputation, opinions and thanks   
    You can get answers to these questions by going to Members > Member Settings > Reputation & Reactions.
    You can set the number of reactions which each group can give: Members > Groups > [Edit group] > Social > Reactions
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    wdport reacted to Adriano Faria in Are there any Store/Product blocks?   
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    wdport got a reaction from dinsl in Youtube Channel stream   
    I have the same question and wonder there is an option to
    automanage feed from youtube with embeded videos in newly created posts, not just text links; make videos embeded in regular rss stream to be pasted as playable peace of code, not just text links. I am really upset with this leak of functionality
    Did someone resolve that?
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    wdport reacted to InvisionHQ in Feeds   
    Some news on FEEDS after 4.2 final release.
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    wdport got a reaction from jcdesign in Header bar&elements height   
    thank you sir!
    this code worked for me:
    #elUserNav {     line-height: 15px;     top: 0px; } #ipsLayout_header header > .ipsLayout_container {   min-height: 31px; } #elSiteTitle {     line-height: 31px; }  
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    wdport reacted to Adriano Faria in Invite System   
    Basically a setting and a group permission:
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    wdport reacted to Ausy in Defining Youtube block size   
    System - Posting - General - Images & Video - Maximum embedded content width.
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    wdport reacted to 不中用 in Cannot create new member   
    Look in System > Support > error logs .. system logs ..
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    wdport reacted to Ryan H. in Easy Pages   
    ​Reviews and support requests aren't really connected, but okay. I'm at work right now. I'll look at both of these and have an answer for you tonight.
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