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  1. Are there any plans to update this app?
  2. This is perfect for my site. Awesome work guys.
  3. preview post board name

  4. +1 to this. Plus maybe a way for members to 'ignore' topics so that they dont appear in the 'View New Content' area for them? I know there is a plugin for this feature but having this integrated into IPB's core would be great.
  5. I'm interested in this hook but i have two questions: 1. Is it possible to have multiple custom profile fields with a drop down effect? 2. Can we change the location of the custom field e.g. whether it displays directly below the avatar or below some other information?
  6. Any reason why this feature isn't being implemented? Seems like a natural and obvious way to alert moderators about new unapproved content.
  7. Would there be an option in 4.0 to receive a notification when some new content has been posted that needs to be approved?
  8. Ah damn, i didn't notice this update. Thanks a lot. :) . Can you please check post no 41 though?
  9. Any updates on this? Is this mod going to be updated?
  10. The problem is, this addon would require a decent amount of effort on any developer's part and most developers would realize that an addon for torrents that costs 50$ wont be bought by many people. So you should offer the developer at least a half decent amount to make this application so that you at least cover 50% of the development cost. @Dylan Riggs I wouldn't really say that anyone buying this app would have negative intentions because there are many websites that use torrents for file distribution e.g. different distributions of linux. A concept of a torrent tracker could work well if the community in question is active enough. This would distribute the job of file uploading to multiple users thus saving the admins of a forum the cost of bandwidth + servers. And depending on the number of people who use such a system, file distribution can be rather effortless and faster as compared to distributing from a single server. There are many many benefits of a torrent tracker but this is a feature not many people would be interested in.
  11. Just a question, if you really want this feature why not just ask a developer to make it for your community?
  12. This is definitely your best bet http://www.ipbtracker.eu/ Yes torrents are popular but this feature isn't something you would expect ipboard to develop because the majority of forum admins dont want a torrent tracker on their websites. You are always free to hire a developer and pay him/her to make this mod for you, IPB will not stop you from doing this. I'd rather have Invision spend time to improve their core product i.e. Ipboard than introduce new products that aren't really required on a forum.
  13. That sounds simple enough, throughout the thread i see various mentions of CSS edits etc. so i thought that i would need significant coding knowledge to get the menus to work. And, yes, i just want one drop down which will contain all primary menu items (and future items) because my current navigation menu is very cluttered. Thanks for your answer. :)
  14. I want to buy this but i have a question: How easy/difficult is it to use ProMenu to create a single menu item that will contain all the current items in my navigation bar? Would this require any edits (css etc) if i dont want to do anything fancy with my menus?
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