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Status Updates posted by Joel R

  1. Hey @Mike John Read your PM invitation about Black Friday

  2. 61 people from different countries offer their bodies as a canvas to send a message to the world:


  3. The most popular social networks over the years, animated.  


    Does anyone even remember Google Buzz or Hi5? 

  4. Mary Meeker on the state of the internet.  Seven of the world's top 10 most valuable companies are tech. 



  5. Google Webmaster Conferences: 

    Search Engine Roundtable: Google Webmaster Conference Officially Launches.

    Any clients in India or Indonesia? 

    1. Fonduri


      I can not answer this.

  6. Wut?  Did IPS just tell me they secretly have this feature for node search that they're not allowing us to use??

  7. Why don't you have the little + Client thingy?? 

  8. You need to update screenshots on Members Shop in Marketplace: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8833-members-shop/


  9. Congrats on SuperBlocks. 

  10. Thanks for the update of Minimized Quote to v1.1.5

  11. Thanks for the continued support and maintenance on Chatbox 2.1.2

  12. Black Friday sale on Points?  I need a Points system and you come highly recommended

  13. What is Miller Media and what happened to IPSGuru?

    1. Kevin Carwile

      Kevin Carwile

      We are Miller Media. Resistance is futile.


      Just kidding. It's the company I work for. Who now has ownership in my software.

      Lot's of exciting things in the pipeline.

    2. Joel R

      Joel R

      Your pipeline is exciting for ... IPS clients?  Miller clients?  Or the Borg?  

      Also, I think you secretly have a fetish for all things that end in -sion like Invision and Volusion.  

    3. Kevin Carwile

      Kevin Carwile

      It's exciting for all three. It's creating discussion of new project expansion in the IPS4 domain, as well as extension of the existing IPS4 products that I have already built. Plus I work with other developers every day with a passion for creating mission critical software, so this incursion of our business into the IPS4 domain should bring a new dimension to the offering we bring to existing clients on the Miller side.

      And the borg... they have an obsession with anything high tech.

  14. Should call the file "Wink"  


    1. DawPi


      Yes I know. ;) Mod name stay the same probably but Ill change the lang. :)

  15. Thanks for Easy Mention!  

    1. motomac


      You are welcome, @Joel R ;)

  16. Thank you for update and continued maintenance on Minimized Quote

  17. For an unsupported file, thank you for your continued support and ongoing maintenance of Group Color on User Link.

  18. Thank you for update and continued maintenance on Minimized Quote

  19. Joel R

    Thank you for update and continued maintenance on Unread Topic Badge.  

  20. Thank you for update and continued maintenance on Mail Bouncer.  

    FYI a lot of the links in your Marketplace description (eg. to your Tracker) do not exist.

  21. You need to remind me to remind other users that you actually have a Wordpress SSO in the Marketplace

  22. Hi @Martin A. Thanks for the update and continued maintenance on Minimized Quote.  :)

  23. To turn yourself into a cat, install the free application Name 2 Avatar by @CodingJungle and unleash your inner meow.  


  24. I promise everyone, in six months there will be yet another topic that comes up.  This is a perennial topic where some IPS user thinks he alone can solve the Marketplace woes.  I'm not against the OP for articulating his concerns, but there is a lot more to the Marketplace than 'protecting the buyer.'  Well no faeces, you're stepping into the Marketplace, you should be aware there are risks.    

    Also, this is my projection: the new "licensing terms" is well intentioned but isn't going to do anything:

    • Devs can probably edit / modify their terms at will.  
    • Devs can probably ignore their terms.  
    • Devs can probably laugh at their terms and not a whole lot will happen.
    • The worst that can happen is that the app gets removed.  Client gets fussy and yells at IPS, thinking IPS should do something on their behalf.  IPS reminds user it's a transaction between buyer and seller, and the most they can do is refund.  
    • Cycle continues.  
  25. Thank you for the 4.2 compatibility update for Moods.

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