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  1. Hi, I recently moved my forums to a new server (PHP 5.4->PHP 7.0, Apache to NGINX), and today I decided to test if registration is working properly. Unfortunately, I found a problem I can't resolve myself. Once 'create my account' button is pressed the page reloads only to tell the user that the username is already taken. No verification email is sent to entered email addresses either. The strange part is that new account is added as a member, despite the requirement for email verification. Before submitting the form and after: Members are added t
  2. New update actually has a disclosure that 5.4 is no longer supported (so it's not 5.1.3 but 5.4). Still, I have 5.5
  3. So I was trying to update my forums, but this error popped up Since I already have 5.5.49, do I really need 5.6.2 or this is some kind of an error?
  4. I hope you read my question, because that's quite obvious that this plugin does not work for wordpress.. What I want to achieve is to access IPB data through mysql and display thumbnails on wordpress site.
  5. Hello guys. I want to ask you for advice. I have two sites, one is based on Wordpress and the other is IPBoard 4 equipped with thumbnail awesome plugin. I wish to display latest topics from ipboard directly on wordpress site the same way this plugin's widget works (row with thumbnails). However I'm not sure what would be the best and fastest way to access this data from ipboard. I have two options, mysql query (but I can't find any example how to make external connection and access this data), or php parser (easiest way, but also the slowest). Any advice would be ver
  6. ​Definately fixed for me. I had 3 main categories hidden from guests with 4.0.2, although they were able to access them (via url). So it was some strange 'show forum' permission bug. In 4.0.3 guests can see all forums. If the issue is still not resolved for you, I suggest you contact support.
  7. ​Can you elaborate on the 'quote bug'? The only issue I had with the quotes was the reverse ordering of the paragraphs after applying quote to existing text.
  8. Cool, it fixed the issue with hidden forums for guests.
  9. EDIT, ah I just realized there is no such option for topics.. just for posts.
  10. ​Thanks for sharing. Modifying core files means that any modifications will be overwritten with the upgrade. It would be better to come up with a hook that would disable this line, or maybe simple javascript to just remove this from the submit page. I decided not to use versioning in IPDownloads, because it reduces the control over each entry. File edit is not allowing to add more files/change version once file is posted. Also without versioning each revision is shown in RSS feed separately, which is not happening when versioning is enabled.
  11. Maybe someone can at least guide me to documentation where I can find the answers to these questions?
  12. Sorry if these questions were asked before, but I couldn't find anything. I'm trying to fetch 10 files from each download category ID by modifying my templates. I found some reference in recentFiles template, but the $files variable is already passed to this widget with the data.{{if count( $files )}} {{foreach $files as $file}} {template="fileRow" group="widgets" app="downloads" params="$file, $orientation"} {{endforeach}} {{else}} no files {{endif}} So question is, how do I populate $files variable with files from specific category? When browsing category par
  13. For me something strange is happening. Guests can't see 3 main categories, although permissions are correct, widgets are 'not available', and member count is now 3 times what it was. I wil go back to older version. Is there any easy way to recache forums? Each time I load an old backup, some skin files are not available.
  14. Wow, great news. Thank so much for finding this! I had no idea this option was hidden under group settings. In demo, even administrator had this option disabled..
  15. That's all I need to know. IPDownloads is a great tool judging from my test suite, but if they are not bringing this option back in foreseeable future, I might have to look for other solutions. Or maybe, someone will come up with a hook/plugin.
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