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  1. thanks for prompt response, got a staff member taking a look
  2. 1. didn't work 2. i changed the acp url but i still cannot navigate to it without seeing the large list of technical details 3 about to do this now any ideas what caused this? right before i this occurred i was in the acp and seen that the data wasn't caching properly and was asking my provider if any of the options were installed so i can select one rather than using the 'no caching' option by default.
  3. i can't login via acp, i see a large list of technical details and the forums on the user end are acting strange as if i hadn't configured anything i did not upgrade to 4.1.17 - still running the
  4. island55

    Easy Pages

    another issue - i'm using the sign in with steam plugin and once people sign in using steam they are welcomed with this page; any way to resolve this?
  5. interesting, looks nice and probably what i need but are there any other options? edit: just noticed the demo, i'm assuming its a smooth transition from demo to full version? keeping everything intact
  6. we've got a forum for a community that consists of a few clans and we've extended our forum to these clans so they have a home by providing them with their own private category that only their members can access. with this comes a lot of work for new clan members that sign up or join a clan since only admins can move users to a group which can access their respective clan category. is it possible to assign a clan leader some kind of admin privilege over their category so they can admin their own section? rather than 4 or 5 different clan leaders asking me to pin topics, etc... or would it be possible to give these clans a sub domain with their own category/subforum on their own sub domain but still have to register on our main forums to post on their private category/subforum?
  7. island55

    Easy Pages

    i installed your easy pages then the shipped chat with the 5 person limit. with both enabled i click on the "chat" link in the header and it says it cannot be displayed, after uninstalled easy pages it works as intended. im assuming easy pages thinks its an invalid page. because when i create a page with the url "servers" it creates 2 urls that can access that page, .com/servers and .com/pages/servers and with the chat enabled it creates .com/chat - which is an invalid page according to easy pages im also running Update: ah hell i dont know.. after reinstalled easy pages it works as intended.. sorry man
  8. island55

    Easy Pages

    can this app not be used with the chat enabled?
  9. island55

    Easy Pages

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '>' in /usr/www/mh/public/applications/easypages/Application.php(44) : eval()'d code on line 2 im trying to use live game server to show a list of our community servers on its own page - the backend work is done, the server list page can be view if the direct url points to the serverlist.php however i cannot incorperate the code from serverlist.php into easy pages to get the list of servers to show up in its own page? i get the error above Update: nevermind, i had php enabled and was entering in the html head, code stuff at the top of the serverlist.php file - once removed and only added the php code for the actual server list it appears to work properly
  10. island55

    Easy Pages

    Ya it was for 3.x - ah bummer. alright Ryan thanks for such a prompt response!
  11. island55

    Easy Pages

    Ryan, I bought this application previously and was wondering if it's possible to get the renew price rather than the full price again? I can PM details about purchase or screenshot of my orders for proof if needed?
  12. but the Facebook tab doesn't appear? yet enabled on the acp
  13. doh.. anyway thanks for prompt response!
  14. i have sign in with facebook enabled and went through the entire process to get a key and secret key but once im signed in normally and attempt to sync my previously made forum account with facebook - i see that it's disabled, is that normal or am i missing something?
  15. is there a smaller or separate version for specifically prefixes? my forum doesn't use tags since we're not a large forum but i could make use of the prefixes for server/forum/community feedback or support. thanks!
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