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  1. Ok so how much more can we wait? It's been already a month.
  2. Cand you please tell us when are you planning to do this? Just an ideea, can you make a ON/OFF button (like sidebar has) to show the full forum or to be tabbed? It would be much easier for the members to cheese their preferences. I arranged mine like this and its verry helpfull: " alt="tabbed.png">
  3. I resolved my problems by adding in Forum View -> forumIndexTemplate LE, can you tell me how to fix this align?
  4. Look great, good job! Can you help me a little more please? After I replaced the code from forumIndexTemplate I have some problems: Before " alt="espada_before.png"> After " alt="espada_after.png"> To set the columns I use: And another problem after the modification of forumIndexTemplate is
  5. Works perfect, thanks! What new style are you creating? Brand new Espada version? :D
  6. I have another problem with the theme, I can't move, lock, pin, detele topics. With the dafult theme it's works, e even disabled all my hooks.
  7. How can I modify de forum icon to be on the middle? You can see that it's on the bottom, and it's kind of annoying.
  8. I already purchased, i can send you a print screen.
  9. Is there any possibility to give acces to a specific moderator group to edit subforum where they only have acces , but not via acces ACP?
  10. I got the same problem as jimmyk, even in the default theme. I attached a print screen with the settings. My version of ipb is 3.4.5
  11. Works like a charm :afro: , thanks for the support. Btw the app is awesom, great job!
  12. I'm sure I edited the corect skin, I added the same thing in public/style_css and nothing changed.
  13. Running v2.0 on ipb 3.3.x? - Yes I did what you suggested but it's the same thing, no changes. And I also cleared the cache from browser.
  14. I have just installed, and i have small problem, on Topic View with username and online status.
  15. "specifics forums in his profile on Admin CP.specifics forums in his profile on Admin CP." Is there any way to ban a user from moderatorCP?
  16. IP.Nexus - $75 (TB) Tickets System - 0$ Thats why we need it. At least make it 1$ so you can have something to work for.. I recently installed it and I just love it. PS, how can I change the ticket Statuses?
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