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  1. Ok so how much more can we wait? It's been already a month.
  2. Cand you please tell us when are you planning to do this? Just an ideea, can you make a ON/OFF button (like sidebar has) to show the full forum or to be tabbed? It would be much easier for the members to cheese their preferences. I arranged mine like this and its verry helpfull: " alt="tabbed.png">
  3. I resolved my problems by adding in Forum View -> forumIndexTemplate LE, can you tell me how to fix this align?
  4. Look great, good job! Can you help me a little more please? After I replaced the code from forumIndexTemplate I have some problems: Before " alt="espada_before.png"> After " alt="espada_after.png"> To set the columns I use: And another problem after the modification of forumIndexTemplate is
  5. Works perfect, thanks! What new style are you creating? Brand new Espada version? :D
  6. I have another problem with the theme, I can't move, lock, pin, detele topics. With the dafult theme it's works, e even disabled all my hooks.
  7. How can I modify de forum icon to be on the middle? You can see that it's on the bottom, and it's kind of annoying.
  8. I already purchased, i can send you a print screen.
  9. Is there any possibility to give acces to a specific moderator group to edit subforum where they only have acces , but not via acces ACP?
  10. I got the same problem as jimmyk, even in the default theme. I attached a print screen with the settings. My version of ipb is 3.4.5
  11. Works like a charm :afro: , thanks for the support. Btw the app is awesom, great job!
  12. I'm sure I edited the corect skin, I added the same thing in public/style_css and nothing changed.
  13. Running v2.0 on ipb 3.3.x? - Yes I did what you suggested but it's the same thing, no changes. And I also cleared the cache from browser.
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