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  1. Videobox

    I like "Top Videos", very useful
  2. Videobox

    how to solve? It's like this since the previous version I used
  3. Videobox

    I'll post it just to not forget About the Collections system bug. I separate the collections by genres (action, comedy, adventure) If I select multiple collections in the movie, it appears in a collection that I did not select. Once it is resolved I will renew
  4. Recent topics

    @mdmx Is it possible to update the plugin? Seems to be using a lot of CPU
  5. Videobox

    A suggestion that would help a lot in your app Generally, movie blogs use an API that takes information from movies, series direct from the IMDb site. Synopsis, cast, duration, age group, review, genre, poster... It should be hard work to do this conversion for the IPB, but it would be much easier to post the movies
  6. Auto Welcome Support

    @Mike John Thanks for the app, I'm waiting to update for the notification problem Will it be released this year yet?
  7. Hi sonya, can you read the message I sent you?

  8. Videobox

    @onlyME Is it possible to make custom fields searchable? (Forum default search tool) Would be helpful in finding Actors, Directors, Original Title
  9. Videobox

    now it's 100%.
  10. Videobox

    Thanks OnlyME. In addition, profile activities also disappeared
  11. Videobox

    @onlyME I meant it: And I noticed that in the topics of the forum the tanned ones have remained even with the exchange of 'like' for 'reactions'
  12. Videobox

    I must be expressing myself wrong by the translator I saw on your link that the reaction was "haha", so this reaction must have come after the 4.2x update What I mean is the old videos that got 'Like', they just disappear. It's like they're posted again, with no likes (but the likes are still counted in the members' accounts)
  13. Videobox

    I did the wampserver update to prepare everything before updating the site
  14. Videobox

    As profile activities also disappeared I tested the default theme
  15. Videobox

    Yes, I've downloaded it from IPS Old movies that have already received reputations in IPB 4.1x do not display the names and amount of reputations they received after the upgrade, you know?