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  1. Videobox

    I use the Customizable Video Feed with custom fields Use for genres, and there are genres that are similar to others, for example: Police and Crime Would it be possible to search in custom field for more than 1 word?
  2. Videobox

    This is a wordpress site... I meant in the same default theme, in the widget
  3. Videobox

  4. Videobox

    Sorry, I'm using google translator. I'll try to explain by image. I want to identify the contents of this "Part 2" template, example {$videopart>2}
  5. Videobox

    I said it wrong, I mean the "Part" of the server and some way to display the content of it by its ID Example {$videopart>2} Show content www.google.com
  6. Videobox

    Could you tell me how I identify the server id and display the content of it? "Part1, part2"
  7. Videobox

    I was thinking, if it is not possible to move a custom field, can I move a server? (Id: 2, example)
  8. Videobox

    What do you think of a "Watch later"?
  9. Error with furl changes

    Funcionou adriano, valeu!!!
  10. Videobox

    could identify the custom fields (id) to move them
  11. Error with furl changes

    I'm also looking for a solution...
  12. Videobox

    @onlyME Are you going to put the amount of videos posted by the user in the PostContainer area?
  13. VideoBox

    This app is phenomenal. My site was only created because of this application otherwise it would just be a dream Support is the best and the author is always looking for new updates I recommend.
  14. Videobox

    Is it possible to include the movie in more than 1 category? (The same film) @onlyME
  15. New Content Type Default to Topics

    Fala @Adriano Faria eu era cliente do seu antigo site, você atende pedido ainda? não consegui mandar PM...