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Status Updates posted by Mikuru // X

  1. Loving IPB4RC but miss having IP.Content redirect my content to my root index. ( ~ _~)

  2. Wished there was more anime themed skins for IPB. T _T

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    2. Amy T

      Amy T

      Good good, make it close to the orb skin but anime style. Or maybe like that delicate blue skin or a mix of the 2 with anime syleing.

    3. Stars25


      What Features do you want on an amine skin? Like how do you want it to look color wise and stuff?

    4. Amy T

      Amy T

      The icons for new post, no new post need to be some kind of anime character, faces would be best. A cool background with anime images on it.

  3. Wished I could find someone to make help make my web mock design into an actual IP.Content web template. T _T

  4. needs to find a good website designer for IP.Content

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