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  1. Magnum Theme

    There aren't many themes on the IPS marketplace that allows as much customization for people like myself who are not proficient in web design coding. The Magnum theme is one of the very few themes on the market that allows you to customize your site the way you want with very as little as no web design coding knowledge at all. Right out the box, the theme comes with various settings that are self-explanatory that it makes it easy to recolor & reformat your IPB site the way you want. Along with the other add-ons from Taman, configuring the Magnum theme to fit your style is very easy. Customer service from Taman is top notch as he'll help you with any issues regarding his products (I've had a few run-ins where I needed his assistance and I've yet to be let down by his performance). I highly recommend any of his products but overall, I highly recommend the Magnum Theme to anyone who wants a theme for their site that they can configure to their liking while getting constant updates and support from Taman. This is what my site looks like now after configuring the theme to my liking:
  2. Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Having a number of issues with a fresh install of 4.0 on my site. First this: This is site using Magnum 2.0.2: : This is the site after 4.0: I've been messing around with the functions and such (but always reverting back if I don't see any changes that I want of any changes at all) and having a few issues: 1. In the Swiper Slider tab, I've followed the instructions to put my articles into the slider but I'm not seeing Pages_Slider_Articles template key I've made when I try to change the template in the "Content" tab in the block plugin I made so I'm unable to put the articles into slider. 2. Due to the size of some of my article main images, the site width gets pushed far off to the right side of the site. I haven't made any changes to anything that would alter how my news articles show up, this occurred after the fresh install (I still have the old version running the site right now so this is not shown to my community). 3. One thing I want to know is how do I get the swiper slider to go behind my site logo like in the old version of Magnum so that I can cover up the small gray area where my logo sits or just remove the gray area all together? I want any suggestions on how to fix these two problems?
  3. Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    As for the advertising spots: On this one, the spots are just fine for both but I would just like them to be centered. On this one, the current advertisement will show up in the footer below where the arrow is pointing inside or around in the "about" section. I'm trying to get it to where the arrow is pointing at with the box highlighting where it would be (if it's possible). As for my current articles showing up in the slider, I've had no luck thus far with turning the slider off and on.
  4. Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    First off I wanted to say that I'm enjoying the new update. Thanks a bunches! There are just 2 things I wanted to get help with: 1.) Seems my articles don't show up in the slider no more after the update & 2.) Is there any possible way to center the spot where the advertisements show on the theme and also on the footer ad (not shown on my site), is there a way to move it from its current location to right below the image slider at the bottom of my page (after the section where you add other functions where the image gallery slider is currently at)?
  5. And I just mentioned it to you in the PM (lol). Thanks a bunches, lord knows I would have left them sitting there. ~ _~ Still a novice with all of this so I'm learning as I go along.....trial & error.
  6. @TAMAN Need help....I tried installing the article templates and well.....I think I kinda broke my Magnum theme. I can't even view my site with it no more at the moment. Any possible way you can take a look at my site to see where I went wrong with it?
  7. Customizable Forum Ranks + PSD

    Really like these ranks but just a suggestion, in the future, please add the font(s) that were used to make these for people who don't have them. It would make customizing a whole lot easier and less time consuming (not much but you probably get what I'm getting at).
  8. Mono (ipbfangorn.net)

    A very nice template for those who like semi to dark website but don't like to have the color Black as the go to color for a skin. Very easy to change out the top banner to whatever you like (although I recommend that if you use a custom banner, make it something that matches the color palette). Now if only the template would get updated to use with the current build of IPB, it would be worth purchasing but until then, people might want to wait for an update unless you use an older version of IPB 4 prior to 4.1.
  9. (BIM42) Chatbox

    Ever since this app appeared on the marketplace, I've used it to no end and it has been one of the most useful additions to my site. Overall, chatbox is worth having on any IPB site and is a good alternative to the default chat app because it's free and doesn't have a user limit.
  10. Loving IPB4RC but miss having IP.Content redirect my content to my root index. ( ~ _~)

  11. iRC Chat [3.2]

    Crap.....guess with the way things are going then, there wont be no update for this. Does anyone know of any other alternatives that allow me to have a chatroom that connects to rizon.net?
  12. iRC Chat [3.2]

    I'm having an issue with this. I can't seem to set permissions as what member groups can use the IRC chat and who can't. I've looked everywhere but can't find it. Can anyone help me with this and also, I'm going to assume no update is going to be made, right?
  13. (TB) Tickets System

    Having a small issue, maybe I'm missing it but is there any way to close or delete tickets in this current build? I can't seem to find it.
  14. IPS 4.0: Internationalization and Localization

    I'm extremely excited about IPB 4.0 and seeing that better language functions are being implemented but I only have one concern. Will there ever be an official language pack for Japanese & Korean in the future for IPB? It's been over 7 or 8 years (I think) since I've started using IPB and even though my site main language is English, waiting for someone to bring a language pack for these two languages has been one long wait with nothing shown or such so I'm just wondering. Regardless of that, things looks to be shaping up really well with the new version. Keep it up!! ^_^
  15. Download: Shoutbox

    Hiya Mike, I have an issue. At first, I thought it was a skin problem so I contacted Bitter over at Final Prestige about it but from he could figure, it doesn't seem to be a skinning issue so he advised me to ask you about it. Here's the issue: I recently bought the skin "Xgame" from Bitter to use on my site and everything pretty much works out ok but I have issues with getting the shoutbox to come out right. Here's what happened: " alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="626"> With the other skin I have on my site, it comes out fine since the skin is a full width type but this is the only one I'm having issues with. Just wondering if you might have any suggestions as to what might cause this to happen? :: Update :: Okay, so I did some stuff you suggested for another issue (I think for buttons not working) and it seemed to have fixed the shoutbox on my site. But regardless, would be nice to know your take on this issue for future reference.