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  1. Labeling perpetual license holders as "legacy" is insulting to people who bought those licenses. "Legacy" is something companies want to get rid of, and by definition you should not be wanting to get rid of something that's perpetual. So you guys should be calling them what they are, perpetual customers, not "legacy" customers. From what I'm reading in Lindy's comment's, the takeaway is "IPS gambled on the wrong thing" and "times have changed." Can you come to a casino, bet a bunch of money on red, and then tell the dealer, "I was wrong in betting on that" or "times have changed?" Can you offer to convert the casino to another product? Say, instead of a duffle bag with 100K can you offer them a "free upgrade" to a duffle bag with only 10K? I'd like to see the casino's reaction to that.
  2. Just because these folks are only 4% of your customer base is not a good reason to leave them out. In fact, that's even more reason for you to support them. If you sold people a "perpetual" license, you should support them for as long as you are in business.
  3. Thank you for this hook. Can you please include the avatar of the last poster and remove the boldface from topic title? Otherwise it looks very different from the Latest topics hook made by Invision Power.
  4. Is it possible to show non-faded icons to visitors who are logged out?
  5. Hi Lucas, can you please update this hook so the ads could be displayed in any 3 posts that the admin wants. For example, 2nd, 5th and 10th; or 1st and last (if last does not equal 10). Thanks!
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