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Entry Comments posted by MMXII

  1. On 4/14/2021 at 11:52 AM, Matt said:

    An early rule I put in place was that we were not going to show point logic and show people how to specifically earn points, and which actions earned the most points because that will start to erode the purpose and people may decide, if you said that you earn 5 points for a post and 10 points for a gallery image, to reduce posting and start uploading random pictures just to earn points and rank up.

    I think I like that decision (not sure yet), but I expect people to ask what to do for points. At the moment, when you click on the dropdown menu in the top right corner to go to your profile, settings etc., you see a very prominent bar, which indicates the progress towards the next rank. RIght below that it says "X points until your next rank".

    Maybe a site displaying what do to for points isn't the worst idea?

    • It could be optional (an option to turn it on/off). And/or:
    • Badges could have an additional option to show/hide the point logic on said site. Then the user can decide which rule/badge to reveal.
  2. Are the badges that you show both in the video and here on this site default ones that come with 4.6?
    Will there be a pre-designed page where all the available ranks and their requirements are being listed?
    Can a user earn multiple badges? If yes, which one shows up in the postbit? Can the user decide?

  3. 17 hours ago, Rikki said:

    but there's no guarantee a community uses the highlighted group feature for staff only

    No guarantee, but very likely.

    A great addition, especially for support forums, would be an option to jump from staff post to staff post within a topic. And an icon on the forums list indicating that a staff member has posted in a topic.

  4. A huge step in the right direction! I love the fact that the Forum App is very powerful, but the software needs more flexibility regarding content creation in general. More CMS features (since the Forum App is already great). 🙂

    Back to the Page Builder Widgets: Maybe you want to add a WYSIWYG editor to the text area, which would make content creation a lot easier. And I hope those widgets can be displayed based on group permissions. Sadly you never clicked the visibility tab... Is that one for permissions?

  5. Will it be possible to make categories available to certain usergroups only?

    Right now blogs do not have much permission-based settings. On each blog level, it is either everyone or certain users only (not even usergroups). When there will be categories, permission settings (similar to categories in Pages) will be even more important.

    Edit: Just saw this, so yeah, same question I guess. 🙂

    On 1/16/2020 at 12:37 PM, BN_IT_Support said:

    Will we be able to set "permissions" on the blogs categories?

  6. 2 hours ago, Matt said:

    Up to you as the admin.

    Very nice.

    Just an idea: Maybe, due to all that logs that exist in various places, it would be a good idea to make all of them available in one place where one can easily adjust prune settings depending on personal preferences and/or legal requirements?

  7. A long awaited feature and finally it will make its way into the Invision Community. Very nice!

    I also like the fact that we have the option to continue using what is already there:


    Invision Community already has a feature that allows guests to post as guests without registration if granted permission. That feature has not been removed and so if you already allow guests to post, the behaviour will not change.

    I wonder though if there is a way to combine these features? For example, you have a forum specifically for guests (there they should be able to post without a prompt to register afterwards) and all the other areas on your website (there the new post before register should apply).

  8. I hope that in a future version medals/thophies/achievement badges will become a core feature of IPS (some competitors already decided to add this), in combination with an excessive rules system that allowes for any situation to be a reason for awarding someone. I found that in many forums where people get rewards for whatever they are doing, they are more active. It also makes a site more interactive, if you post, vote or whatever and something personalized happens (such as getting a message, that tells you about a shiny new badge you have earned).

  9. Great overview!


    Search Bar
    The search bar is the most powerful tool in the Admin CP. From finding members, settings and Commerce tickets, it's something I reach for every day.

    Unfortunately the search bar seems to only honor English as a valid language for searches. If the AdminCP has been translated and you try to search for a (translated) option, setting or whatnot, you will not find anything. This is very sad, because the search bar is indeed a cool and very useful feature!

  10. I really like the fact that announcements get some attention. I think though that there is some room for improvements:

    • Whether or not an announcement is dismissable should be an option.
    • More conditions would be nice, i.e. the ability to show announcements based on how many days have passed since registration or the last login, based on reputation points, based on whether or not the member has its birthday... (similar to the conditions you offer in the group promotions in the AdminCP).
      I know that technically you can create group promotions first and then display announcements based on usergroups, but that seems to be a bit off.

    Other than that: Can't wait to see/test it! :)

  11. 9 minutes ago, Joy Rex said:

    What part of the bolded portion above do you not consider "content from your community"? Recent Topics, Our Picks, etc. are all content that would be coming from your community...

    But this very blog post isn't about the new possibilities to add community content to email footers. It is solely about branding emails with options that are already available in IPS 4.2.x. I am not saying there is something wrong with that. All I said was "I was expecting something about e-mail branding in 4.3"... like actually seeing how this works in the new 4.3 update (since we have all those 4.3 preview blog posts right now). That's all. I know that we will be able to add extra promotional content to the footer.

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