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Entry Comments posted by GreenLinks

  1. My script is giving this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_substr() in /home/tibiaki1/public_html/ips4.php on line 301


    You are simply missing PHP mbstring , you should consult your host on fixing that.


    1. It should be very quick, as your data is already UTF8, it's just changing the collation.

    2. It will modify the existing tables.


    Mark please consider the suggestion of separate database tables before gold release.

  3. Hey Matt ,


    A very important observation. Strongly suggest you to consider adding an option to keep data in a separate database instead of the same one. The conversion maybe completed fast though final table alterations are killer for any board out there. Checking and fixing collations takes around 5+ hours and still on reputation_cache table. I expect we have at least 2 more hours to complete. 

  4. ok how many people looked in the client area on reading the title of this blog!


    I had to look but my intension was just creating a support ticket for a convertor issue we faced :)

    Never considered about checking downloads LOL

  5. You are ready to install IPS Community Suite 4.0!


    Me and my servers are ready (on my main host, i only use the official CentOS-Versions, so php and mysql are only "compatible". I already have upgraded to higher versions manually on other servers of mine - but i will stay with the official repro (php 5.3.3, mysql 5,1.73) on this server, until i run in trouble with IPS 4. CentOS 7 is right around the corner :smile:


    Thanks for the news!


    You should upgrade both PHP and MySQL imo. PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6 have major performance improvements that you are missing greatly at the moment. 

  6. Nice. Converter was successful :smile:


    The only problem:

    When I change my "conf_global" to the new settings, my current ipb gives me a database error.


    Anyway ... I don't change it and wait for 4.0 :smile:


    You should 100% create a tracker item or a support ticket and supply team the DB error details so they can check possible existing bugs.

  7. Sorry UTF8 converter still stops after 4 or 5 tables (I did download the latest version).


    Make sure you have enough disk space on your hdd and you correctly configure MySQL to handle big tasks.

    It is running accurately for me on our big db 


    We are on members table atm


    Processing: members                                                                      18%




    Having said that, if PSN ID or Xbox gamer tags require specific protocols you may need to write a small plugin to accept non-standard protocol handlers.


    I see, we seem to be talking about different things.

    I thought this was a feature that allowed us to define keywords that will be auto linked to specific keywords on post content automatically. 

  9. I'm not sure the concept behind "nodes" is really clear, which is fine (it's a bit technical) but to answer your question...no, we can't just "create nodes for x" so it can be shown on the home page of the profile.  A node is a container.  You can't just create a container for "my articles" for every single member.


    Does that mean we couldn't pull all articles a member submitted to the profile home page?  No.  But that has nothing to do with the concept behind "nodes".  I wouldn't focus so much on that (the terminology), personally.


    What about disabling the nodes Brandon , is there a setting for that 

    And Activity Stream possibility on any section of IPB 4.0 


    Stuff you post is under "my content" (including topics/posts, blog entries, gallery images, downloads files, calendar events, content articles, comments on all of those).


    Blogs (not the entries in the blogs, but the blog itself - Rikki's screenshot is possibly confusing as there's several listed whereas usually there'd only be one or none) and albums in Gallery (again, the albums, not the images), which are containers for things show on the profile. Those are the only two in the suite.


    The main difference is that a blog or an album is "owned" by it's creator - they can decide to rename it or delete it or whatever, unlike with the other things - it belongs to them as opposed to is something created by them. On Facebook, it's a different paradigm where you own everything you create.


    This explains the difference clearly  thanks Mark


    Another question is it possible to disable those node display on profiles ?


    And will IPB 4 somehow include an Activity Stream ?

  11. Overall UI looks really nice all though i don't understand why some Nodes are displayed on Profile entrance page while others are not.  

    I understand Node is a holder word however can you please explain what is the difference of Blog Post , Gallery Images vs.. forum topic, ip.content article 


    I am kind of surprised with the node usage also. Instead of that i would personally would use Activity Stream which will display users last activity.

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