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  1. <ips:template parameters="$table, $headers, $rows" /> {{$rowIds = array();}} {{foreach $rows as $row}} {{$idField = $row::$databaseColumnId;}} {{$rowIds[] = $row->$idField;}} {{endforeach}} {{if \count( $rows )}} {{$rowCount=0;}} {{foreach $rows as $row}} {{if $rowCount == 1 AND $advertisement = \IPS\core\Advertisement::loadByLocation( 'ad_forum_listing' )}} <li class="ipsDataItem"> {$advertisement|raw} </li> {{endif}} {{$rowCount++;}} {{$idField = $row::$databaseColumnId;}} {{if $row->mapped('moved_to')}} {{if $movedTo = $row->movedTo() AND $movedTo->container()->can('view')}} <li class="ipsDataItem"> If I've a query inside my hello() then if I hook on li.ipsDataItem I've 1 query x num topics
  2. I've created a custom static method in \IPS\Member: static function hello() { $hello = "something"; return $hello; } Now I need to retrieve it in a template: {{$hello = \IPS\Member::hello();}} but forums/topicRow template, where I'm working, start with a foreach and I can't hook before it to assign passing $hello. I've found a dirty workaround but what is the best way to do it?
  3. I have never installed this kind of plugin and I have passed from ipb 3.4 to 4.2 in August. If I install it I will mark the time from 3.4 or just since August month when I updated to ipb 4.2? thank you
    Great application especially because it allows users to use the system. Great service and availability
  4. in a next update it is possible to show the subject badge under surveillance also in the fluid? thank you
  5. @Mike John I understand why the new user does not notice the notification of a new private message ... because the plugin puts the new registered user as starter pm and the admin as recipient, in fact, every time a user is enabled, it turns out to me a new jarring private. Can you solve this problem quickly? thank you
  6. just a question. In the fluid you see the images?
  7. @Netherlord the bug was confirmed by invision. It's not a bug of the plugin of Mike but invision and will be solved with the upcoming updates. Maybe you did not see it because you did not understand how to reproduce it
  8. I noticed that when registering a user the system tells me that I have a new pm. If I go to see it, it's already been read by the new user even if that's not true. It basically marks it when the new record is valid, even if the user is not connected for hours
    Great plugin. Highly recommended!!!
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