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  1. Soc

    Sorry, I thought I had uploaded the latest. Must not have because it looks good now. Thanks!
  2. Soc

    I have just upgraded to 3.4.4. I noticed that when I select "view new content" in the Navigation drop down menu, I get the menu in this format. I would appreciate any help that you can give me.
  3. Ban Members From Forums

    Thank you!
  4. (M34) Auto Birthday Greeter

    Mine is not creating the daily threads either. Will watch this thread closely.
  5. (DP32) Favorite Emoticons

    When I upgraded to 3.4.1, it might have been something I did, but the emoticons that I chose were still there. It's just that when I went to look and add more, I don't remember seeing the boxes checked. I just went back and re-checked them. It definitely does work and I love having it available.
  6. (DP32) Favorite Emoticons

    It does work with 3.4.2. The favorites that I had chosen were still there, but the boxes were not checked when you visit the favorite emoticon link.
  7. Ban Members From Forums

    When I upgraded to 3.4.2, the same thing happened. You can go to the next page, but you can't go back. The first page stays highlighted regardless of what page you are on.
  8. how's 4.0 coming

    Me too Brandon! I'm so glad to be back. Everything is running much smoother than the last time I used IPB, not anyone's fault just my limited knowledge of tweaking things to run better. I'm very happy now and can't wait to grow with the next version.
  9. Emoticons in signatures

    Is there something wrong with this? Was it never implemented? Would love some help in getting this to work. I've tried everything that I know.
  10. Sorry, renewal question

    Sorry, yes......billing was able to get my accounts merged with a current invoice. Thanks!
  11. Sorry, renewal question

    Nevermind........ :thumbsup:
  12. Sorry, renewal question

    I have an inactive license. Under my expired invoices there is the old renewal fee of $40 and that amount defaults in as I try to pay via paypal. Not sure how I should renew and need some direction.
  13. I came to bring the stars for you...:) happy birthday!