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  1. Kevin I am still awaiting a response , my community has now been down for 5 days and as you know ipb hosting says its your plugin that is causing the issues . Please either fix or refund me as I am losing face with new members .
  2. thank you , i will purchase this today
  3. Is there a way to change the author of a topic ?
  4. If I require guests to login before they can see content , then i lose the social links. Social links are extremely important at this time , so how do i get people to register and not just surf my site and keep the social links. Why would they register if all the content is available, I really need to find a solution by preventing people from watching content without registering , but also keeping the social links please
    Fantastic support and awesome product. Adds that extra to your forum. Thanks for your awesome support and great product.
  5. the pics become just a small block in the corner i have sent you a message , IPB says this is causing a conflict causing EX0 errors all over my site
  6. Cant seem to load any photos on the Categories ?
  7. I deleted a forum category with its sub forums by mistake today , is there a way i can retrieve it ? i am using the IPB hosting. thanks
  8. nuberry


    had no problems till this upgrade , this update screwed my whole site up slow site , cant access my admin cp and some pages don't even load
  9. I cant get into my Admin CP either after the upgrade to 4.07
  10. My forum which is on the IPB cloud is so slow , takes at least 90 seconds to load . This is disastrous for a forum and I only have 5 members .I sent emails to all my old members to register and everyone says the site is too slow.
  11. Chat function not working. Says I do not have permission even as admin.
  12. Am I doing something wrong ? Comments on Blog are not showing up . Comment area does not show below blog. thanks
  13. Thanks Charlie Purchased your Galley in post as well , and the payment went flawlessly this time , looking to see your video gallery plugin.
  14. I know this might be in the wrong section but i don't know where else to put it. I paid for a plugin and I have a receipt and invoice number from paypal. Its off my card, yet marketplace says its still pending, one week later and still nothing.Really shocking. i would like to purchase another 3 x plugins worth 100 dollars , but I am to afraid I'll lose my money . I have made many payments from paypal , including IPB and its all been almost intstant.I have been given the run around.and would like to know why a 15 dollar payment is taking so looooooooooooooooooooooooong.
  15. ​This is still pending payment , however i paid for this last week Saturday and its off my card , I have receipt and invoice from paypal but marketplace somehow is not releasing it. I would like to purchase your other plugins , but the wait is so long ...any other way I can make payment.
  16. Are the cloud packages not automatically updated ? ie: version to version4..02 ect
  17. Ok I will do , I have the receipt from pay pal with the invoice number ..I'll send it thru to support ..thanks.
  18. i don't have version 3 ...only 4 ... and i have already added a review page , a product guide and an article page on version 4...and now when i want to just transfer the forum from smf it says 3.4 only...oh dear
  19. i purchased the Bim 40 , so far it looks like it went thru once , however i have received no link or info from IPB to enable me to dowload the file. After this i will purchase you gallery in post as well.Just need to see if the first one goes thru as i still not received any info on being able to download the bim40 file yet. regards Andrew
  20. I have paid twice for this on my credit card , however I still want to purchase the gallery plugin from you. How do i go about this then ?
  21. I notice that the converters are for version 3.4 Is there a converter for version 4 ? I would like to transfer my smf 2.09 to ipb. thanks
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