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    An easy way to reproduce the problem is to make sure you have installed the latest adobe flash player. Then register the first account with Internet Explorer and a second account with Google Chrome. A couple of weeks ago (when I was busy testing this app) I noticed it always works in that order (due to flash changes by adobe). Tested on a 3 different computers.
  2. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    I'm not going to release it to the public.
  3. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    I could once again explain my problem with your app but I understand it wouldn't make any difference. I know it just does not work exactly as described and I know why it failed in my tests. (It's related to bugs and/or faults (by design)). Browsers have changed: flash cookiers are not the "super cookies" people talked about some time ago, and they are not so cross-browser as they once were. Due to those changes, this particular text of your description no longer applies: "The use of a Flash cookie makes the application a cross-browser solution to deal with "ghost" members, as it detects and reports them even if they use one browser for each registered account or even after they clear their browser's cache." You don't seem to be willing to understand that fact and now you even tell me that you don't want to discuss any technical details anymore. Well, fine! But I'm out here. I will rewrite your app, for personal use only, and change the duplicates detector algortihm. I guess I'll find some time today or tomorrow to implement the evercookie and in a later stage will rewrite it completely from scratch. Never mind. I'll make it work on my and I won't bother you again.
  4. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    Do you know of another way to make the cookies persistent? As flash cookies are no longer persistent the way it's described. flash cookies are getting removed from the browser together with regular cookies...
  5. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    Btw, clearing browser's cache now also removes flash cookies. I can confirm this after testing with a couple of recent browsers. So your app's documentation is no longer correct: "The use of a Flash cookie makes the application a cross-browser solution to deal with "ghost" members, as it detects and reports them even if they use one browser for each registered account or even after they clear their browser's cache"
  6. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    I think I know why your app was unable to detect the duplicate. Local Shared Objects (Flash cookies) seems to be no longer as persistent (as they were, for example, a year ago). After reading this wikipedia page it's now clear that as of January 5 2011 Adobe Systems, Google Inc., and Mozilla Foundation finalized a new browser API that enabled all browsers to clear the local shared objects. A couple of months later Adobe released Flash player 10.3 which enabled older browsers like Firefox 4, Safari and Chrome to delete local shared objects aswell. And I guess it's being used on my desktop and laptop, altho I did never do any special privacy configurations or anything. I just wrote a very simple actionscript that tries to read and write a LSO. When I first visit that page from IE9 it tells me that the LSO is empty and it wrote data to it. Hitting refresh tells me that it was non-empty and was able to read it, displaying the content. Going to Firefox the page does exactly the same: first visits it saves a LSO, second visit it was able to read and display it. So my firefox was unable to read the LSO written within IE9. Next I tested it with Chrome, in Chrome the first visit was able to read the LSO. It did not have to write the LSO... I don't know why it worked with Chrome on my desktop, but on my laptop it also didn't work with Chrome (versions differ but I don't know it is related) So it looks like cross-browser user tracking just seems not to be working as expected by the app.
  7. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    These are the steps that I did: 1. Install DML on test board 2. login using account abc1 with browser Firefox 3. login using account abc2 with browser Chrome Result: DML did not detect any dupplicate. 4. login using IE on account abc2 with browser IE9 Result: DML did not detect any duplicate Then I wanted to debug this issue so I took my laptop (because I wanted a computer without any dml flash cookie on it). With my laptop: 1. login using account abc3 with browser Firefox (older version, version 14.0.1 is installed on it) 2. Checked my apache logs to find out what exactly happens and checked the members table field unique_machines. At that time unique_machines was non-empty for account abc1 and account abc2 (the accounts I used on my desktop computer). But account abc3 (the one I logged in with my laptop) had an empty unique_machines field. 3. I clicked a couple of pages on my laptop Still, unique_machines stays empty for account abc3. 4. I noticed (in my apache logs) that dml.swf is posting to the wrong URL. 5. I wanted to see where dml.swf gets the URL from but noticed the flash source is not included. So I stopped debugging.
  8. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    I guess I didn't explain it well then. The first "It did report multiple unique machines" happend when trying with my desktop computer. unique_machines was not empty then. "the unique_machines field of the members table stays empty" happend when I tested with my laptop. I only checked the account I logged in with, with my laptop, and unique_machines was empty for that account...
  9. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    Well, it did not. It did report multiple unique machines but I only used one machine at that time. But it did not detect the duplicate. (Right now it has detected duplicates but I have been working on other projects and been logging in/out to a couple of test-accounts from the same browser now) I know this particular issue is not nessessarily related to the fact it did not detect the duplicate (because it should be able to detect them when viewing the main board index). But yesterday evening I started debugging why it didn't detect that duplicate and when I took my laptop (in order to have a fresh computer, not containing any dml flash cookies) I logged on to a new account and found out that the unique_machines field of the members table stays empty. I don't know why, I didn't debug it further because I quickly noticed that dml.swf was posting to the wrong URL. So, while debugging the first problem I detected a second one. And the flash source for dml.swf's is not included so I stopped debugging. I'll re-start debugging the first issue once the second one is fixed (which you said will be fixed in 3.0.2). But I realy can't open my test-board to the public internet because of the network complexity over here, and I don't have another IP.Board license to do a test-install on a public server...
  10. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    Well, yes, I wanted to debug why it's not finding the duplicates but then noticed it's posting to the wrong URL. So I did not (yet) debug further to find out why it wasn't able to detect the duplicates. I'll wait for 3.0.2 to continue debugging, or if you can send me the dml.swf's source, I'll dig into it...
  11. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    @Extreame™ I also registered on your forum. Look what wireshark tells me: 182133 957.792085000 HTTP 1063 POST /forum/5-news-and-announcements/index.php?app=duplicates&module=process&section=process&do=append HTTP/1.1 (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) 183464 1055.399733000 HTTP 1075 POST /gallery/category/1-members-albums-category/index.php?app=duplicates&module=process&section=process&do=append HTTP/1.1 (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) ... Same things.. posting to the wrong url...
  12. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    @PrinceOfAbyss You were right I posted a URL that had nothing to do with your app. Confused it with section=process.. And I misunderstood the fact that you answeres were above the content in your last post. My appoligies for that. I'm not trying to be nasty or anything. I'm just reporting a problem. And I don't think it's a problem that exists on my end only.
  13. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    Hi 3DKiwi, I just installed wireshark and registered on your forum. Look here what wireshark tells me: 11810 231.828109000 HTTP 877 POST /ipb/forum/149-the-job-line/index.php?app=duplicates&module=process&section=process&do=append HTTP/1.1 (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) As you can see, it's posting to the wrong URL too, on your very own forum.
  14. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    I just installed the free trial of trillix flash decompiler and for as far I can tell and trust that thing, your flash file is not correctly using the path variable. You are sure you included the right dml.swf in the latest download, right?