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  1. Free

    (SL) Add rating to topics list

    This hook will add topic rating in topics list.


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  2. $15.00

    (SL) Email actions

    Many users has bad email: account deleted, user suspended, no space in mailbox etc. Your mails to this users back to you with errors.
    This is advanced version of (SL) Force users to change email
    Make users unapproved until they did not change their email address To users with bad emails did not send any emails Approving emails by users Move users to selected group Log all actions All you need for work is bad emails list.
    How to get users list with bad emails?
    1. Manually: see your mailer-daemon letters
    2. You can use special services
    2. Auto: in mail error.log
    i am doing like this:
    #BAD EMAILS cat mail.log|grep "user is terminated\|No such user\|account is disabled\|The email account that you tried to reach does not exist" >mail.log.badmails cat mail.log.badmails|cut -d " " -f1,2|uniq -c >mail.log.badmails.stats sed -E "s/[[:space:]]+/ /g" mail.log.badmails|cut -d " " -f7|sort|uniq -c|sort -n -r|sed 's/to=<//g'|sed 's/>,//g'|sed 's/ //g' >mail.log.badmails.to.stats sed -E "s/[[:space:]]+/ /g" mail.log.badmails|cut -d " " -f7|sort|uniq -c|sort -n -r|sed 's/.*to=<//g'|sed 's/>,//g' >mail.log.badmails.list You get file mail.log.badmails.list where all your bad mails listed.
    Just copy-paste into config. Thats all.
    Tested with 4.3!

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