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    hi, how do i display daily stat , and not weekly ? thanks
  1. Hi, how to approve groups created ? i have set myself as moderator but still cant see the button " approve " anywhere, my members still cant see the groups yet. thanks :)
  2. God, then i bought it for nothing then... i want to redirect all the guests so they must register, is there a way ?
  3. Hi, i have enabled it for "Guests" and when i click the ""Update All Users" , it said " System Error You didn't select any group to agree to terms. Click on 'Settings' link and select some groups. ---- But when i click on settings, no settings at all , except for the moderator. i also enabled it, nothing happened. THe "guest" permission group is enabled already, can u help ? do u want access to my admin so its easier ? thanks :) rudy
  4. hi, how do i make it appear everytime the page load ? the cookie set to "0" doesnot work. thanks :)
  5. hi, why do i get old topics show up as recent topics ? july, june topics mixed up with today's topics. thanks :)
  6. Hi, i hope we can check each member posts count per day. say from august 1-21th, i wanna know this member x , how many posts he has made each day & the total number. thanks :)
  7. hi, i just bought this yesterday. How do i remove the footer link the " Powered by (SD) Advert System 1.0.0 © 2013 by SolutionDEVs.pl " ? thanks :)
  8. can we remove the footer link " Videos System v3.0.1 © 2013 DevFuse " ? if so, how ? thanks :smile: rudy
  9. hi the " Members to handle pr cycle " is set at 250 default, does it mean it will not process forum with members more than 250 ? i have 6000 members, but i dont get notification of the rest of the members, just the 1st 250 in one email. thats it. Does the other 5750 get notified as well ? 2. also, how do i make sure that every 30 days, all inactive members no matter what the members total is, All will get notified ? so when my forum grows, every Single One Inactive will still get a notification every 30 days. thanks so much :) rudy
  10. hi, just asking if this hook by any chance causes redirection to the homepage sometimes ? to ?showtopic= ? my board is 3.44 , it happens since 3.43 cos some of my memebrs experiencing redirect to "http://forum.jalan2.....php?showtopic=" afer they hit submit/post. So their post dont get posted & get redirected to the forum index sometimes It doesnot happen everytime, but so far 6-7 people already say about this, my forum is 2,800 members. cos i got that bug and IPB asked me to find by myself which hook caused it to redirect sometimes. they wont help grr
  11. hi, after running the sql, the board face still makes the forum homepage load slowly for guests, i guess there are too many faces for default setup ? how can i reduce it ? for members , i only have 2 row. but for guests, it show 6 rows, how can i show 3 rows only ? thanks :)
  12. ic :) , i got that bug and IPB asked me to find by myself which hook caused it to redirect sometimes. they wont help grrr.. so i have to ask 1 by 1, anyways thanks :)
  13. ic thanks Adriano :), i got that bug and IPB asked me to find by myself which hook caused it to redirect sometimes. they wont help
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