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  1. vb4.2.0 => IPS

    My forum is set with the seo mod : Mod_rewrite Friendly URLs threads/1234-Thread-Title in my posts I have internal links pointing to other parts of our subjects You're telling me is that the URLs in my posts will be converted thanks to your converter Is that correct? kind http://cibiforum.org/threads/313-Installation-du-Frequencemètre-Superstar-KFVI[/CODE] [CODE] http://cibiforum.org/threads/313-Installation-du-Frequencemètre-Superstar-KFVI after conversion will be different but yet the right places in the forum to I hope you understand my request If the links always point to the right post, is good merci
  2. vb4.2.0 => IPS

    Thank you for your answer Confirm that the urls (those of my forum) posts will always be in valid? I had this misadventure, transferring my forum "phpbb3" to "vbulletin4." Attachments are they still valid? On this subject he reminds me of my transfer: And sorry if I'm not yet convinced. My forum is huge, I do not want to manually fix all "URLs" lost in each posts. Yes I saw the demo it's still good to see that your software unfortunately not help me to solve my anxiety
  3. it Is Where vbulletin 5?

  4. it Is Where vbulletin 5?

  5. vb4.2.0 => IPS

    hello, Now my forum (vb4) is set Address rewriting URLs After the conversion, links "Internal URLs" are always good ? the users passwords are they broken? Or is it possible to test your software before purchasing? Or if there's one thing not satisfied money back? Thank you for your comprehenssion Hussein