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  1. If disabling Ajax for pagination doesn't come with the full release I will have to look at my options and possibly moving to Xenforo, just can't afford to take a huge hit like this on ad revenue.

    ​You would really move to another plattform (which won't receive any new features because they are already working on 2.0) because of this?


    But before you leave, here's a plugin which will disable the ajax pagination


    disable ajax pagination.xml

  2. And while I am not a fan of VB, I believe that they have an advantage because they publish their own communities and react much quicker than IPB with changes that the community wishes.

    Really? You mind to share some examples? 

  3. ​They don't attend tickets for Beta versions...

    ​That's correct, but there are always some exceptions (e.g. to reproduce bugs )

    I also ask for a ticket if somebody complains that much and submits several bugreports like @wimg , because it's easier and faster to visit his board, to get a own view of his problems.
    And sorry for confusions, i'm a staff member http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/403931-bug-tracker-reports-showing-fixed-by-regular-user/ with an incognito account.

  4. Well, you could always run a query to update all of the usernames of all posts and such when someone changes their username.

    Though this option might be slow if your database is HUGE. Just saying, it's possible.

    Or a more feasible option would to never use the member name as anything unique and only use a unique ID throughout the site, and when a user changes their name, the only thing you would have to update in the database would be the member name that points to the member ID.

    That way when John Smith changes his name, the old pointer to his ID is removed and a new one is created. 

    Anywhere a name is needed to be displayed you would look up by ID and whatever is in the NAME field would be output.

    ​You can't change external links e.g. coming from Google Search Results or links from other pages

  5. do mind about the maps.googleapis in IPS .. it is fixed to HTTP .. if your site is totally HTTPS it will give a browser conflict .. Firefox blocks it silently if there is a mixed content (HTTP in HTTPS) .. as a result customers will not see anything from the maps.googleapis auto fill function ..

    ​i would report this as bug

  6. I've started coding most of my required stuff last weekend and continued with it on friday and almost everything is finished yet (at least the stuff which is possible with the current stage of the beta:D )

    • Font Awesome Forum Icon
    • Topic Stencil
    • Usernotes
    • Account Switch
    • Welcome Members
    • Predefined Editor Content



    • calendar custom fields
  7. Why do i keep getting emails from invision????? Emails like :


    Eduardo Gop has posted a comment on a file requiring approval, [IF] IPB Shoutbox 

    luis26x has posted a post in a topic requiring approval, Can i buy only license key? 

    Marcher Technologies has posted a bug, [Pages]"This file is now closed to further comments." 


    I dont care and i dont want this messages.I dont want to put invision on spam but this are unwanted emails.

    Take a look at http://community.invisionpower.com/followed/?type=core_member&page=1 . You're probably following them

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