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  1. Any news about


    Developer information
    Developers no doubt would like to know the technical information of how this all works. Rather than write a blog entry covering all the different parts of plugins, we thought you might be interested to just see the developer documentation. We have 2 articles we can show you - one covering all the technical details of plugins, and another which provides a step-by-step guide for how to create a plugin.


    It seems that even the 2 articles are already deprecated ( http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/400650-plugin-developmet/ )

  2. I also wanted to criticize the naming convention, but i've learned in the past to not care about such things:D i can't convince the framework makers and as long as it works as expected, i can live with it:D


    But after making some minds about it=>

    embeddable, featurabe, followable,hideable,lockable,pinnable,searchable,shareable

    (something happens with the content)



    (something is added to the content, (but then e.g. reportcenter wouldn't make sense))


    So it would make sense to have 2 different "namings" for this (But it's only my speculation)

  3. 1 year later, 1000 blog post after, still no sign of the release date of 4.0

    I agree:(


    my ips4 & ipsstorm (phpstorm plugin for faster addon development) repositories were created long time ago and are still waiting for their first commit:D


    but Q2 ends soon and they haven't mentioned any new delay


    The external sites supported are:

    • YouTube
    • Flickr
    • Hulu
    • Vimeo
    • College Humour

    Which are oEmbed providers.



    If you're a developer and wanted to write a plugin to support additional services, it's really easy - there's a single method you'd just need to overload with a hook:

       * Convert URL to embed HTML
       * @param   string      $url  The URL
       * @return  string|null HTML embded code, or NULL if URL is not embeddable
      public static function embeddableMedia( $url )
          // ...

    I assume you won't paste here a list of all the files inside of IPSContent just to get an idea what else we'll see in the next weeks:D


    Ads don't show in a 'block', just in the sidebar. Each block builds its own HTML so it can display however you want. You can edit the templates as normal.

    What's the difference between a block and the sidebar?

    Doesn't the sidebar contain "blocks"?


    You don't have quite that level of control. Every page that supports the sidebar will show it, because there may be other controls available (e.g. in the topic listing, 'create new topic' functionality is at the top of the sidebar). You could in theory remove all the sidebar blocks for that page though, and just leave those controls. Also, sidebar configuration isn't per-forum (or per-category etc.). If you update it on a topic listing page, it would apply to all topic listing pages, regardless of forum.

    How much control will we have there?


    e.g. if i want to show a block only in forum 1,2,3? or the newest threads block should show only the last threads from forum X , if i'm viewing a thread in forum X

    will this work?

  7. We have a whole blog entry on the extensive improvements to moderator controls coming soon :smile:

    Oh man:(

    Waiting for christmas was much easier then waiting for IPB4


    It seems that there's too much comming and we still don't have any timeframe, except that it won't be end 2013


    With all the hints for future feature blog posts:P it feels like it was delayed for 1 year:D


    But i'm sure it's worth to wait:)

  8. Does IPS Connect support crossover domain?

    you didn't read the blog post or?:D



    Cross Domain Logins (and Logouts)
    Beginning with 4.0, IPS Connect will now support logging in and out across different domains.  Cookie restrictions (and the fact that the master installation did not register and/or remember any of the slave installations) prevented this capability with 3.4.x, so while the login credentials could be shared across domains, signing in to one installation did not sign you in to any other installation automatically (unless they were on the same domain).  Similarly if you logged out of an installation you were not automatically logged out of any other installation in 3.4.x.  As of 4.0, if you sign in to an installation (whether it is the master or an individual slave application), you will be redirected to the master installation, then redirected to each slave application in turn, and finally redirected back to your original destination.  This is all very seamless to the end-user and largely unnoticeable.  Logging out will, similarly, redirect you to each application to log you out of that application, bypassing security restrictions applied to cookies in a multi-domain environment.

  9. Lovely changes:)


    Edit: Sorry just seen that teraßyte asked the same.


    BUT i'm curios about the "More changes propagated" Part


    Will this happen automatically, or will i be able to select the pages, where i want to execute this action?

    e.g. user requests to be deleted/merged from site 1 (but not from site2,site3,etc..)

  10. Stop teasing and pls release it pls! :(

    I can't understand the namespace decision but i've learned, that it's not worth to be upset about such things:D

    The reusable code is fantastic and exactly what i was waiting for in the forumworld.
    Non of the IPB competitors (if it's even worth to call them competitors)  have such reusable code!

    PLS PLS release it, i have soooo many projects on stand by and waiting for the first public IPB4 release!


  11. Will the cache support tags/events?



    Is there only 1 Cache instance? (e.g. it wouldn't be the best choise to put EVERYTHING into memcached,right?;)

    ATM we're using 2 different cache mechanisms for our page => memcached and filecache(filecache for big, not often changing data, which we need to fetch daily from other pages

    Will this be easy to implement?


    We'd have to up the license price by $90 ;)



    OR, you could see a OED license as a great investment for the bright IPB4 future^^



    As long as we have a php wrapper and you find alternatives once google stopps the service or too many clients complain, that it's not working, i don't care:)

  13. Part of this developer centre is a GUI for modifying the database schema. When you make changes, the changes will automatically be ran against your local database and added into the installer and upgrader. Internally, we'll also then have a special script which runs when we SVN update to copy these changes over when another developer makes a change.

    Does this mean, that really everything will be saved in the filesystem and we can use git/svn and that ther's a way in the core to syncronize everything via a git/svn hook?


    This means => NO manuall addon / or addon data import for colabrating addon developers?

  14. Yeah. Having IP.C (or whatever you want as your default app) at domain.com with everything else at /forums /gallery /downloads would be amazing. But this is straying off topic. :tongue:

    I hope it will be more powerful and support also sub domains:D



    www.domain.com => indexpage using the framework

    blog.domain.com => blog application

    community.domain.com => forum

    gallery.domain.com => gallery

    shop.domain.com => shop



    supporting different domains WOULD ALSO BE REALLY GREAT (AND IMPORTANT :tongue:)


    www.mystuff.com => index,forum


    www.mystuff-images.com => gallery

    www.mystuff-shop.com => shop




    Will it be built on your own framework or will you use a 3rd party framework?

    If own: Will it use 3rd party components, or will you reimplement the wheel for everything (except the jquery part:D )

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