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  1. [XI] Server Management

    Thought I tried that already as in theory that should have worked, maybe I didnt wait long enough. Will try again in the morning. Suppose if I copy cod4 and then add the icon for mw2. No, there is no dedicated for MW2 but mine is custom.
  2. [XI] Server Management

    Sounds good and very promising. A lot of hard work gone in to this. However, once the user base is up, can push the price up to $20 per license :). Have a question. I have a couple of Call of Duty MW2 servers. I tried to create a new game and called it ModWarfare 2 but it would not query the server. I tested using COD4 server details and that worked fine. I am wondering if cod4 code could be duplicated to 'mw2' with mw2 icon, and it would just work fine?.
  3. [XI] Server Management

    Any news on the game icons as prefix for each server?
  4. [XI] Server Management

    Is your IPB stand alone or IPS hosted?
  5. [XI] Server Management

    I am spamming this topic:). One feature that would be good: The option for members/players/groups to submit servers. Say you want one page to show what you host of gameservers (updated by yourself as you do now). Clans or other groups within the community or even guests can submit their own favourite server(s) which will then be approved by a moderator before it gets listed on a separate list.
  6. [XI] Server Management

    Sorry forgot. Before the flag, should be an icon of the game (same size as the flag, xfire/hlsw icons).
  7. [XI] Server Management

    The auto didnt work for me. It would not work at all or show right-right and not the whole box. Best view was to add/edit to 400px on all three lines, at least the popup was shown OK but there is a scroll going downwards which is hard to use. I dont know enough about JS to make the box static say 400px X 600 and then scrollbars. Or something similar to that. Please note that this script will not work on IPS Hosting (if people ask). As far as pulling data every 5min, maybe an option where we could edit the time. Mine is fine I think but I am on a dedicated server pulling data from another dedicated server. I think you said this would be developed more so not a problem right now. The pulling of data works great. I have added a snapshot. For me there is too much space between servername, IP, slots and map including the icons on the right. Is there a way to make it auto so it will auto adjust? Or let the blocks cut off after amount of characters allowed. If more compact, there would also be room for more blocks e.g. admin features/icons and others.
  8. [XI] Server Management

    I agree with the charge hence buying it. I like the minimal interface, I assume hooks can be created at some point later where a hook of a server can be shown on the forum sidebar. Couple of things: a) There is HLSW and XFire buttons - can you add Steam? b) The credentials button should be hidden if you dont have access. c) If I click on the "I" button for the query, on a 1280x800 screen like on my test laptop, the view is terrible and of no use. The box that pops up should be moved to the middle of the screen and made more compact. d) For the minimal interface. The width is hard coded e.g. server name, so if you resize your screen (not everybody use 1920x1280), the page looks a bit squashed. Not tested but I assume viewing the page from a mobile device will be less than good. e) For the server query, how often does it pull the data? I dont want the gameservers to be hammered by queries but so far it looks fine. I know in the past some scripts have caused servers to crash. Overall a great update. Some tweaks needed on the interface. The potential for it is great both as part of IPB and as a stand alone program. Would be nice to see an option to add own maps similar to http://www.greycube.com/site/download.php?list.10 and more compact interface similar to the no longer developed http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5844-p33-server-list/ Another feature is for players to create their own banners using the server details hosted by the game provider similar to http://momo.blackpulse.us/generator/ Brilliant program, keep up the good work.
  9. [XI] Server Management

    Looks nice and clean, great work. Looking forward to it.
  10. Media System

    All working now. Thank you. I know you have been trying to make the Media system more user friendly but the original media demo shipped with the system is pointless. Users like me (who there will be more of) are only half techs but will count towards the majority of buyers long term. We really need some point and click installs and uninstalls. To showcase IP.Content like this will put people off from buying the module. Thanks Marcher, for making a potential Media Demo System actually working properly.
  11. Media System

    If I do this: Select 'Media System Maintitle Custom template' > Save. The space is there and video holder floating a little. If I change to: Media System Display' it will fill the screen. I dont think it grabs the description/ tags from youtube which I thought it would. Can manually fill in description but maybe its a bug on my side for it not to work. Got the recent images block to work with some assistance from somebody but related or unrelated, my forum index is very slow to load. All other tabs are fine and load OK but not the forum index page. Upon checking Apache logs I get: [Sat Nov 02 23:05:19 2013] [warn] [client IP Address removed] mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 31 seconds, referer: http://www.epicdot.c...page/media.html [Sat Nov 02 23:05:19 2013] [error] [client IP Address removed] Premature end of script headers: index.php, referer: http://www.epicdot.c...page/media.html
  12. Media System

    What ever I do the recent media block is not showing whilst the other blocks are fine? Re-installed block but I am lost. Anybody else having similar problems. Looking at some searches there are some posts about css but that was over a year ago.
  13. Media System

    Got it fixed. Now need to remove the space on the left when viewing the video. Argh, need to search again.
  14. Media System

    Difficult to search through this topic of 76 pages. Anybody else having this problem where the Media system does not auto create thumbnails and 'recent images' not picking up recent images?
  15. 4.0 - File Storage

    One single feature I have been waiting for 'shared storage' with the possibility to use remote storage. Great update.