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  1. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Hey Tom, Never mind that last post, i spoke with the other admins on my site and turns out we were editing the same file but had no idea lol - such a noob. Sorry. My mistake.
  2. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Thanks for that Tom,. But making change to that css line made my website act all weird. For some reason the width of the website has become fixed now instead of fluid, although its still set to 80%. As you can see in the attached file "1ex.png" is taken from Firefox and Chrome and the whole site is fixed width, while the second example is taken from Google Chrome and the forum is full width, however the forums on Firefox is fixed width. Got me all confused. You can take a look here www.goodgame.net.au
  3. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Hi, Where exactly can i change the max-width for the nav? I couldn't find it. I don't want the 'More' dropdown appearing. Thanks