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  1. One or two installs?

    Well, there is a very unchangeable requirement to have two separate domains. Im wondering where one would even start to build this functionality? I know that vBulletin had modifications that would allow seperate forums to share forums... it allowed for many intersite events. What a real shame this isnt developed :(
  2. I have a busy healthcare website which will be split into two seperate websites. I want users to be able to login to either site and be recognised. I want each website to have its own unique set of forums, however, there will be one or two forums that need to be shared across the sites (the two areas of healthcare have some crossover). If this is possible from a single install then it will really make my life easier but what is really important is the shared login and ability to specify *some* forums as shared. Is this going to be possible in any way without creating a sheer nightmare at every upgrade?? I hope some realistic suggestions can be put forward, Thanks :)
  3. (M34) Collections System

    Hiya, Im new to IPB and want to implement something along these lines. However, this is the reason I bought IP.Content. Correct me if Im wrong, but isnt all this possible with using IP.Content? What benefit is there to using this mod over and above that? Sorry, like I said Im new and still feeling my around these support forums and also IPB.
  4. (SD33) Posts Fields

    Im very new to IPB, but isnt this functionality exposed natively with ip.content?
  5. Thanks for your guidance! Rob
  6. I migrated my vbulletin to xenforo 6 months back. Now i need to bring xenforo to IPB. This is easy enough with the importer. I really need to bring over blogs also... these are achived in our old vbulletin database - so are user albums. Is it going to be possible to bring in the legacy vbulletin blog and user album data once the xenforo import is managed? Thanks, Rob
  7. I am wondering if it is possible with IPB... I need a specific forum wherein members can view only the threads they have started personally. They cannot view the threads other members have started... they should not even see their presence at all. Staff, should be able to view all threads in this forum. I know this was possible for me under xenForo and vBulletin and I am just checking the same can be achieved with IPB. If it is possible, can you tell me if it is native functionality or which modification? Thanks, Rob
  8. Hi all, I am considering moving from xenforo to IPS and have some questions... just to give a little background, I moved around 6 months ago from vBulletin... I felt rather shafted by vbulletin 4 and even though xenforo lacked a lot of features we needed decided it was a good move... maybe that was wrong. We have several xenForo 'pages' which need migrating... so, I assume IPS has a content management system where i 'pages' can live. We have archived blogs left over from vbulletin which I need to reinstate... the archive of vbulletin shares exactly the same userid numbers as our xenforo install so I am hoping this is going to be possible. The same is true of our image library - same user ids, archived in our vbulletin database. Does IPS have anything similar to vBulletin social groups? Our users miss this feature... a lot. We have 'premium accounts', users pay £x per year for special forum access and better permissions... is this possible under IPS? Can our existing 'premium' members be migrated along with expiry dates, etc? How can this be handled? They are set up as recurring paypal subscriptions... any advice here is welcome. I am sure I will have more questions but I want to ensure that the above is possible and hope I dont encounter any show stoppers. Thanks for your feedback, Rob