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  1. Checked to see if I missed a sale on GC so I knew what to look for in the future. Though... it's unexpectedly on sale along with others like Rules. I'm too excited haha.
  2. I'll have to wait for another sale some day xD. Neat to see that it was on sale though. I was thinking this wouldn't ever get a sale price.
  3. Yeah, what would be the point when we already have this =>
    This is the best plugin available on the Invision Marketplace. Furthermore, it runs perfect on 4.2.5.
  4. Is the demo not receiving the 4.2 compatibility update?
  5. Is that the 4.2 version in the demo? O.O
  6. Does the new theme in 4.2 beta make buttons disappear in the "Manage Roles" (and other manage) page? Since I would assume there's supposed to be a create role button but there's nothing to do so. Also, I upgraded to 4.2 because I thought you merged this product officially into IPB. Turns out that's not the case. They visually copied your plugin with even less features. They'll add an entire "club" built-in but still haven't made this built-in.
  7. Just as a quick tidbit of info. For some reason my previous issue was making the two factor authentication not appear (it would just go back to the offline page). I tried to do things to figure out why but ultimately it seemed to fix after potentially switching the theme to default, logging in and out, then switching it back. May not be true but my assumption is because the board is in offline mode and I wasn't deleting the /datastore/ theme files causing it to probably not update somewhere. Since I assume this -> While your community is offline, background maintenance tasks will not be able to run as frequently. If your community is going to be offline for a long period of time, you can configure tasks to run by another method. Could cause that. Just to let you know so that maybe it's a possible troubleshoot for something you run into in the future. Everything works now though.
  8. I think I got it. After I changed what you told me above I needed to clear datastore again. I also purged any cache that cloudflare had gotten as well and then it seems to be working as intended. I'll let you know if anything else comes up though. Thanks.
  9. Doing that has made the logout work again- however, the login still does it. I might just reinstall when I get back home again later.
  10. Forgot to mention I'm using API, not Wordpress. I initially attempted to enable the IPSConnect stuff because I thought I needed it for the login api. I did clear core_ipsconnect_queue and *_slave but it does the same thing. Included in that I did clear all of the /datastore/ items except for the theme items.
  11. For some reason my IPS continues to redirect during a login or logout to do IPSConnect. Though I've uninstalled and reinstalled IPBWI, removed the config.php for IPBWI details, removed the IPSConnect MYSQL database table entries. However, if I login or logout it still goes to something that doesn't exist. Any ideas of what was changed?
  12. Is this the only thread for both IPBWI API and IPBWI for Wordpress?
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