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  1. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    Tom, I would like to go through and do some major changes to the color scheme of this skin. I am experienced with Photoshop, but not as much with CSS and HTML (I know a bit). Could you recommend any resources or tutorials that show how to convert changes to the .PSD file to changes on the web? EDIT: I see you mentioned in an earlier post that you can just change the CSS directly to change the color (but not the glow) of the header. What CSS file is that? Im assuming Style.css, but I dont know where that is. (Im new to IPBoard skins, I see the images are stored in "/public/style_image/<skin name>", but are the other skin files stored somewhere else?)
  2. Memory Requirements

    Id like to say thank you for the help. I just purchased an IPBoard license. I called my hosting companies support (Ill just go ahead and say that its GoDaddy, and im on the deluxe shared hosting plan) and they told me that by adding this line to the top of my php5.ini file (its on the server by default, but may just be called php.ini, just rename it) I could change the memory available to me: the effect instantly took change and running IPBoards check_requirements.php file confirmed the limit was bumped up from 64mb to 128mb. Its possible, with the shared hosting accounts, that this limit may be throttled at certain times. But this will probably still be a big help in keeping things running smoothly. Hopefully this will be helpful to other customers, as the other threads I found here on this subject didnt really reach any conclusions or were quite old.
  3. Memory Requirements

    Okay thank you. Are there steps I cant take to optimize my install, like turning of certain options, or removing language packs?
  4. Memory Requirements

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing an IP.Board license but I have a question about the server requirements. I ran "check_requirements.php" and got a warning, saying that the recommended memory limit was 128mb, and that I only had 64mb available. Im not sure if I can mention my host, I saw in other threads that was not allowed. The board I will be hosting will be very low traffic, probably 10 concurrent users or less, and around 1000 posts a year. I dont plan on running more then a few add ons/plugins. Will the 64mb be enough for me? Or at least enough for the first year until I can switch hosts. I am also running Wordpress on my server, which is the main feature of the site, would that have any affect on the IP.Board performance? Thank You.