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Status Updates posted by Brian A.

  1. Hello,

    All of our themes will get updated to 4.4 as soon as they release the official version. This means, we're in theme development mode when 4.4 gets release and themes will slowly (depending on the theme resources) process out to the ThemeTree store and IPS marketplace.

    If you've any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a message here or by email.



  2. We're participating in Black Friday again! Three selected themes from us will be 15% off when you choose:

    1. Vivid
    2. Bolt
    3. Game On (newest theme)

    Our Black Friday sale will begin on November 9 and ending on the 30th.

    Please make sure to be ready!



    1. Brian A.

      Brian A.

      It's Black Friday!

      We decided to add in two more:

      1. Minty
      2. Sapphire

      Please don't wait up because you only got 22 days.

  3. Hello everyone,

    I'm sorry that I've been inactive for awhile, but now, I'm back!

    For the demo board:

    I'm sorry for the wait, but ThemeTree has finally fixed the demo board for previewing our products and themes. Thanks everyone for being patient.


    Brian Anderson


  4. Pre-Made Spirit Blocks Package is coming soon to Spirit.

    Please stay tuned!

  5. When 4.3 gets release, ThemeTree themes will be equip to the new template changes in 4.3. In addition, the themes will be held off for previewing on the demo board while we process each one to the latest changes.



  6. Hello,

    Each theme will be upgraded to the latest version for stable release, bug fixes, and minor issues (if there's any) when 4.2.7 gets release.



  7. You only got three days until 15% off those selected themes (Minty, Melody, and Bolt) are going back up, so please hurry and save more while it lasts.

  8. Black Friday is here! Save 15% when you purchase either Minty, Melody, or Bolt. Don't pay more, save more!

    Coupon is valid through November 24 - December 3.

  9. Black Friday (November 24) is coming to ThemeTree! This means that three themes will be 15% off.

    Here's the three themes that'll be on discount on Black Friday:

    1. Minty
    2. Bolt
    3. Melody

    Please stay tune for the biggest sale on Black Friday!

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