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  1. I've been thinking about starting up a site+forum for a while now and stumbled upon IPS, so far it seems to have what I need, but I just want to ask a few questions first to make sure. I'm looking to create a site where the forum will be where the users spend most of their time, with a start page with articles and such. What I'm wondering is, is it possible for users to comment on articles with their forum details, and is it possible to integrate forum posts on the main page (for example if I wanted to add a helpful forum post to the main page) How customizable is the rating system on the forum? For example are users able to "like/dislike" a certain post and can users gain something for posting, say sort of a "level up system". How detailed is the sorting system, can I for example make a category in the forum where the most popular threads show up? (Combine threads from different categories into one place based on ex. amount of views/rating/etc). Can you have different icons for different categories, say if I were to have a section of popular threads, an icon on the left of each thread to indicate what category it is from. What will I need from the IP suite to do this? IP.Board + IP.Content? Thanks in advance :smile: