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  1. Thank you for all the helpful information. I emailed sales about 20 hours ago and am awaiting a reply (or a phone call).
  2. Thank you for the reply Brandon. I believe "Telligent Community" or "Telligent Community Server" is the new, re-branded name for what used to be called just "Community Server." I am only concerned because we use such an old version of it and I do not see any reference on this site to the versions that can be converted. A 4th question if you have time: (4) Can we employ some kind of single sign-on method? We will be using Umbraco CMS Version 4.7 and that could make things simpler, I think.
  3. Is there a SSO module for Umbraco 4.7?
  4. We are a nonprofit organization running a woefully old discussion forum (Telligent Community Server 2007 (3.1.20917.1142)). We would like to migrate it somewhere and IP.Board looks very compelling. Questions: (1) How much time will the actual conversion take? Is it all DIY? (2) Will everything get converted or are there limitations coming from this particular product? How seamless would it be for users/members? (3) Is there a way to test to make sure the conversion has worked without taking the existing forum down? Thanks in advance for your input/answers! -Ben