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  1. WP IPS Connect plugin

    I've been a long-time user of this plugin (from back when it was still from Marcher) but avatars have never synced. I've gone through, done a complete reinstall with the latest version, made sure fetchAvatar was checked, etc. but it still shows UNKNOWN beside avatars in the API connect status in Wordpress. Is there anything preventing them from syncing, or is it even meant to sync avatars? On Wordpress 4.1.2 and IPB 3.4.7. Also, I'm showing FAIL beside fetchForums in the same API status list and UNKNOWN beside fetchPosts, postTopic, and postReply. Any ideas what could be going on?
  2. WordPress IPSConnect

    That's what I did, Firestorm. I deleted the plugin and its files through the ACP, deleted the API keys, deleted all the IPB files, and followed the instructions straight through as if I were installing fresh. I'm not sure if something broke in the 3.8 update or if there's something wrong with my installation. I just hope Marcher can figure out what's wrong - it doesn't seem like he's been around here too much lately. :/
  3. WordPress IPSConnect

    I reinstalled the plugin and the login issue seems to be fixed. Not getting anymore popups. Fingers crossed. HOWEVER, all the API checks are marked as FAIL and I have no "Post to Forum" option - there is just a blank spot where that option would be in both the IPSConnect options and the individual edit post page. I've made sure that all files are uploaded properly (yes, the IPB files are uploaded as well), the API user is set up correctly, and all the other settings are correct. I've seen a few other people a few pages back that had the same issue and apparently resolved it, but never posted a solution. Any help, Marcher?
  4. WordPress IPSConnect

    I don't. It's just randomly started happening in the past week or two. Haven't gotten around to doing the full reinstall of the plugin, but I'm glad that it's not just me with the issue!
  5. WordPress IPSConnect

    Hey Marcher, I'm having an issue that's just popped up in the last week or so. The whole time I'm logged into the Wordpress admin panel I keep getting popups trying to get me to log in again, and sometimes it will just log me out entirely. My other staff have been getting the same issue. I've tried redoing the settings, clearing my cookies, re-uploading the files, checking the IPB settings...nothing fixes it. Maybe a conflict with 3.8? It was maybe a little bit after I upgraded that I started having problems. In the meantime, I've disabled the Wordpress plugin and I'm not getting the popup or logouts anymore. I might try doing a clean reinstall of the plugin when I get some spare time, but is there anything else that you might suggest before doing that?
  6. WordPress IPSConnect

    Figured out the excerpt - the field was hidden for some reason, but I enabled it in Screen Options. Is the global/default option going to be in a future upgrade, or do we have to keep manually adding it to each post?
  7. WordPress IPSConnect

    Update is working great, however I don't understand how to make the forum post a simple link to the post on the main site. Like Sat0ri, I'd like to drive traffic to the site and don't want duplicate content - I filled out the link to post box but it's still showing the entire post, just with the link after it. Is there a way to just show just the link to the post in the IPB thread, or even just a brief excerpt? Also, a way to make it global so you don't have to add the link markup to every new post?
  8. WordPress IPSConnect

    That's fine, we still have the user integration, which is a big part. I'll just leave the post-to-IPB function off until the update comes out. Sorry for making your life difficult, haha! :)
  9. WordPress IPSConnect

    Awesome, and quick response! Thanks! Now we're having a different problem...which is probably something stupid or common sense that I'm overlooking. When the posts get put into IPB, the markup really screws up. Here's an example: http://forums.4pgames.net/topic/434-telltale-games-announces-poker-night-2-featuring-characters-from-portal-the-venture-bros-borderlands-amp-more/ - is there a way to fix that? Also, is there a way to stop it from making threads for old posts? I'm getting threads for random Wordpress posts from months ago. It'd be better if it only did it for posts from now on. Disabled the "make threads" option for now until I hear back from you.
  10. WordPress IPSConnect

    Hey Marcher, I'm having the same issue as Hafskjold. None of my posts are being posted as IPB topics, and I have Unknown next to those two debug statuses. Did you figure out what was going on?
  11. That all sounds great. Well, except for the part of having to spend an extra $40 for the Wordpress module - but if it's kept up to date and works better than the IP.Converge one it's worth it. If I were to get an IPB license and then bought the Wordpress SSO module, would I have immediate access to the download or does the mod developer have to approve it first? Just waiting on the demo system to be back up so that I can try out a few things before making a decision!
  12. I have a fairly small Xenforo board that I'm seriously considering converting to IPB. Really impressed with the support, community, and the relative development transparency compared to most other forum options. I've done some searching and found some answers to some of my questions, but I still have a few before taking the plunge. It looks like the XF -> IPB converter is fairly seamless and pretty much everything is converted. Is there anything that might be broken after the conversion? I know that some converters require members to reset their passwords afterwards and such. And will everything be redirected after the conversion so there won't be broken links? A key feature I really need is the ability to have single sign-on between Wordpress and IPB. RIght now I have a plugin for XF/WP that allows Wordpress to use Xenforo's user tables to let people sign into Wordpress and comment, post articles, etc. I see three options for WP/IPB integration: an IP.converge module, the Wordpress SSO plugin, and IPBWI. IPBWI is way too expensive, so that rules that out. Would the IP.converge module work for a seamless transfer and continuation of what the plugin I have now does? And for that matter, does it even work with the current version of IPB? Or should I be looking at the other, paid SSO plugin? This one isn't so much a requirement as it is something that would be neat for my particular site. My community is a gaming community, so obviously people want to share gamertags, PSN and Steam IDs, and the like. I know a lot of forum software has plugins that allow for enhanced profile fields for such contact info - clicking on the Xbox icon in the postbit would show their gamertag and take you to their Xbox profile, for example. Is there a plugin for IPB that does this, and if not, how hard would it be to create a profile field with that functionality? Thanks!