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    Sirmadsen reacted to Michael.J for a file, Forum Logos   
    Add text or logo images to each forum. Useful if you want to have members "sponsor" a particular forum.
    Set individual logos for each forum. Positions options include next to forum name or below forum description. Displays logos or text in both forum index and forum view. Choose between an uploaded logo image or a text based advert/sponsorship. Modify both logo/text url and prefix text. Set fixed logo dimensions for each image or included fluid option for more responsive look. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

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    Sirmadsen reacted to aXenDev for a file, (aXen) Advanced Members   
    The application has:
    Group legend: Group in ipsMenu, Enabling / disabling the search engine after clicking on a group, Custom group formatting, Ability to select more than one group when searching by clicking on a group, Can be included in whosOnline and activeUsers widgets Who Was Online: Custom time range (in hours), Possibility to show users in the widget in the following quantity: limited, unlimited or none, Sorting possible, Showing the highest quantity on a given day, Cached Widget Contact: 2 categories: Administrator and Moderator, Links: PM, Discord (After clicking, the ID is automatically copied), Steam, Facebook, Linkedin Responsibilities (Edit by CKEditor), Highlight Groups: Custom colors for "Highlight replies" (Global), Custom highlighted blocks in profiles, Birthday: Special block in the profile, Special icon in the profile and in the userHovercard.
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    Sirmadsen reacted to Chris59 for a file, IPSuite Swedish full all apps plus bonuses   
    This is a COMPLETE translation of IPS Community Suite 4.5 Everything is translated, Admin and Front part.

    Kostar mig alldeles för mycket med alla licenser så jag måste tyvärr höja priset igen! Kostar mig minst $500/år 
    IPS Community Suite From Version 4.5 -->

    CORE: Admin och Front part (Core) 100 % Översatt
    CMS: Admin och front part (Sidor) 100% Översatt
    FORUM: Admin och Front part (Forum) 100% Översatt
    GALLERY: Admin och Front part (Galleri) 100% Översatt
    DOWNLOADS: Admin och Front part (Filer) 100% Översatt
    BLOG: Admin och Front part (Blogg) 100% Översatt
    CALENDAR: Admin och Front part (Kalender) 100% Översatt
    NEXUS: Admin och Front part (Butiken) 100% Översatt
    CONVERT: Admin och Front part (Konverteringar) 100% Översatt

    Extra BONUS i include in the package for the license i have is following -->
    Extra BONUS som jag har licenser för inkluderas i detta paket -->

    Adriano - Linked Accounts 3.1.8 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    Adriano - Links Directory 5.4.8 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    Adriano - Tutorials 2.2.3 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    Adriano - Invite Systems 2.0.14 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    Adriano - Quizzes 1.3.6 (översättning pågår)(NY)
    Adriano - Crowdfunding 1.1.3 (översättning pågår)(NY)
    Adriano - Raffles System 1.2.1 (översättning pågår)(NY)
    Adriano - Staff Applikation System 1.4.3 Admin och Front 100% Översatt [Kommer med 4.5.x versionen](NY)
    Foster - Trophies & Medals 2.0.5 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    Foster - Project Manager 2.4.3 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    Foster - Member List Pro Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    Foster - Feed2DB 1.0.1 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    Devfuse - Videos 3.2.2 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    Devfuse - Auto Welcome 2.4.9 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    Devfuse - Collections 2.1.4 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    Devfuse - Messages 2.3.0 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    Devfuse - Portal 1.6.0 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    Devfuse - Donations 3.3.0 Admin och Front 100% Översatt 
    InvisionHQ - Badges 3.3.5 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    InvisionHQ - Feeds - 2.0.6 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    InvisionHQ - Help File Management Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    InvisionHQ - iAwards 1.1.1 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    InvisionHQ - Monthly Activity Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    InvisionHQ - Moods 1.1.1 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    InvisionHQ - Member of the month 2.3.7 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    InvisionHQ - Pokes 1.3.0 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    InvisionHQ - Classifieds 1.2.1 Admin och Front 100% Översatt 
    Kevin - Automation rules Full 1.3.15: Admin och Front100% Översatt (inte mycket som gick översätta)
    Kevin - Collaboration 1.3.16 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    [All Astronauts]  - Spacious ACP 5 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    [All Astronauts] - Pages Category Images  2.0.0 Admin och Front 100% Översatt [Kommer med 4.5.x versionen](NY)
    onlyME - Featured Content 4.1.27 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    onlyME - Chattbox 2.0.0 Admin och Front 100% Översatt 
    onlyME - Chatbox+ 2.0.3 Admin och Front 100% Översatt [Kommer med 4.5.x versionen](NY)
    onlyME - Slider Maker 2.1.1 Admin och Front 100% Översatt [Kommer med 4.5.x versionen](NY)
    Ryan H - Advanced Tags & Prefixes 3.1.9 Admin och Front 100% Översatt 
    TheJackal - Sticky Notes 2.2.5 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    Martin A - Membermaps Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    Spanner - Sales Portal Pro Admin och Front (Kommer med 4.5.x versionen)(NY)[Massor att översätta och svår 50% klart]
    TheJackal84 - Chat Application 1.1.2 Admin och Front 100% Översatt (NY)
    I will continuously update these files when I encounter grammar errors in the different apps, working continuously in translation mode and make changes where I see the need ... Has been an insanely appointment with nearly 50,000 lines to go through. ....
    PS* Jobbar med översättningar nån timme varje dag så uppdateringar kommer kontinuerligt nu,
    så gör inte för många egna justeringar då dom kan bli överskrivna av mina kommande uppdateringar
    Har du några frågor kan du skicka mig ett PM ... TIPS: Har delat upp alla apps för er som bara har core och forum
    som ni behöver .

    Wish you all a wonderful day !! 
  4. Haha
    Sirmadsen reacted to tomwin for a file, Swedish language (Svensk översättning)   
    Svensk översättning för v4.6
    Swedish translation for v4.6
    Framsidan är komplett översatt. Admin är delvis översatt men uppdaterar regelbundet. Lagt ner många dagar och timmar på denna översättning.
    Translated Apps.
    Det som är översatt är.
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    Sirmadsen reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Downloads Category Grid View   
    This plugin will modify Downloads category view and will display files in a grid. It will show 4 files per row.
    Number of files per page
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    Sirmadsen reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, 2 Letters in Profile Letters   
    This plugin will display 2 letters in the profile letter, if the user has 2 names, like Adriano Faria.
    Exclude word: First letter from these words will not be used in the avatar. You can see above it excluded the "di" word.
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    Sirmadsen reacted to Martin A. for a file, Remove Group Name   
    This is a simple plugin that removes all references to the members group names on the public side of the suite.
    There's a for setting groups that should always be visible, and one for selecting groups that can see all group names.
    I believe I've covered all areas where the members group name, or group formatting, is used. If you find places I've missed, do let me know.
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    Sirmadsen reacted to Colonel_mortis for a file, Uncheck Admin Emails on Registration   
    When this plugin is enabled, the "Send me news and updates" checkbox on the registration page will be unchecked by default, to comply with certain email laws. The user can still enable it, but it will start unchecked, whereas by default it would start checked.
    This plugin is not required in 4.2.7 or later.
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    Sirmadsen reacted to Tarun for a file, htaccess for IPS Forums   
    This is a custom .htaccess to use on the IPS Community Suite Forums. It helps to improve your forums Google Page Speed and YSlow scores.
    The top segment is the same .htaccess that is generated by the IPS Forum software. This segment is Invision Power Services code and I do not claim it as my own. All rights and credit for this segment of the .htaccess are Invision Power Services.
    The bottom segment is based upon research of several websites and the references listed below. Please be careful when using this file because the contents may be incompatible with your server setup. Preventative measures have been taken to ensure that it should be safe to use in any Apache based environment.
    Warning: If you have customized your .htaccess file you will want to make the necessary edits to add the code included in the .htaccess file found in this package.
    When you make updates be sure to remind users to clear their cache. You can also refer them to this URL for instructions on how to do clear their cache: https://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Clearing_browser_cache
    Google recommends a minimum of one week: https://developers.google.com/speed/docs/insights/LeverageBrowserCaching
    GTmetrix recommends a minimum of one month: https://gtmetrix.com/leverage-browser-caching.html
    Best of luck,
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    Sirmadsen reacted to newbie LAC for a file, (NB42) Downloads Extra Fields Reposition   
    This plugin allow you display selected extra fields below a file description. These fields will be removed from sidebar.
    Support topic
    Similar feature has been added in 4.4

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    Sirmadsen reacted to Fosters for a file, Club Sponsors Page   
    Connect and manage your community's Clubs with their own affiliates, referrers, sponsors, and partners with Club Sponsors by @Fosters!  This app allows Club Owners to add sponsors to each club on a Sponsors Page.  The Sponsors Page lists, describes, and links to the sponsor.  
    Are you looking to create local clubs that connect with local businesses? Are you looking to create special interest clubs to be sponsored by industry organizations?  Are you looking to create fan groups linked to other fan communities?   Create a simple and beautiful Sponsors Page in each of your clubs, managed entirely by the Club Owner. 
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    Sirmadsen reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Clubs Enhancements   
    This resource will give more power to Club Owners. They will be able to execute functions currently only possible in the Admin CP.
    1.0.18 for IPB 4.2.x
    1.1.x for IPB 4.3.x
    1.2.x for IPB 4.4.x
    Add ability to create a custom HOME page for the Club Convert forums or apps categories into Club Features with a single click, so you don't need to manually move a bunch of items (topics, images, files, events, etc) - Admin CP feature. Convert Club Features into forums or categories Manage Club Features: Reorder (drag and drog) features Disable features: items from a disabled feature will not appear in the Club activity stream Delete features: just like on ACP, with option to delete content or move it to another club/category. Ability to ADMINS ban/unban members from the whole clubs. A banned member won't be able to access any club page, including its content (topics, files, images, etc.). IMPORTANT: Club items will continue to appear in Activity Streams, profiles, searchs, etc. The restriction will happen only when the member tries to read them. Allow members to choose which features will be automatically created when creating a club. Restrict number of equal features per club (example: you can only have one "topic" feature). Restrict Number of Clubs per member. Restrict Number of Clubs a member can join. Add ability to create a QUESTION feature when creating a feature from FORUMS app. Add members to the club (setting to allow Club Owners to use it. Admins can use it). Add members from a specific user group to the club (secondary groups checked) (setting to allow Club Owners to use it. Admins can use it). Change owner of the club. Change type of the club (option according to the owner group setting). Display club icons on users posts Display club icons on user profile (hover card) Settings:
    Allow admins/club owners to create a custom HOME page for the Club Restrict Number of Features? Number of features per club Allow Club Owners to manually ADD MEMBERS? Display 'Added By' info when admin/owner add members manually Display Club Icon on posts panel? Number of Club Icons to display Club Icons Sort Order: name, last activity and random Display Club Icons on Hovercard Profile? Number of Club Icons to display Club Icons Sort Order: name, last activity and random
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