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    Does exactly what it is supposed to.
    It just works. Thanks!
    Very nice for a free plugin and does exactly what it says and is supposed to do.
  1. And that´s the problem right there. Members can only sell digital products, from another application. Downloads and Commerce should be one applications with settings to allow certain member groups to be allowed to sell products. Products! No matter if it's digital or physical. If a site admin wants to be the only seller, simply set admin group to be the only one to be allowed to sell. Then you could set permissions to groups to allow/disallow them selling physical products and so on. You could make it so that members can ask to join/apply for a special sellers account, like any other commerce site. I never understood the point of having to separate sales applications (other than IPS making money for selling to different applications that essentially does the same thing). It just adds confusion to every one involved. If you are a seller you should be able to sell products, end of discussion. Anyhow. I'm for a better commerce system since the problem have always been that the downloads system is lacking behind in feature more and more with every update. Either fix it or abandon it and merge the features with the commerce application. I agree with @SJ77 I guess for now we have a 3rd party option for those willing to pay...
    Works as intended I guess, except that it breaks menu items that are set as external links so they are not shown on the menu at all.
  2. Not sure if it's supposed to act like this but it shows files in subcategories. But, when going into a subcategory that has it's own subcategories it doesn't show those. This is working Browsing main category (shows) - Subcategory (Shows) - - Subcategory (Shows) This does not Main Category - Browsing subcategory (Shows) - - Subcatewgory (Does not show)
    I love the plugin it self. It does something IPS shoud out of the box, it ads a better block theme. Especially in the downloads app which is my main app. Although, I have to give a lower rating since it's in current state limited to show only 6 entries which in turn forces me to still use the standard blocks in some cases. Don't let this review fool you though as a reader. The plugin is superb if you are looking for a fresh take from the standard out of the box boring blocks.
  3. Awesome. I think from theme settings would be best. Pages would just be confusing for some i think. Better to have theme settings in one place. Either custom slides or pull from applications featured content works for me. Maybe both? PM sent.
  4. Hi again. Would it be possible in a future update to add a slider? Maybe an option to have slider in place of header faces? Also, I'm not sure if it's bugs or just my site that wont work correctly but trending bar and footer are not showing. Theme colors are not changing on front page even if changed and saved in theme options.
  5. OldAssGeek


    Awesome theme with unique features and over the top support for a free theme.
  6. Also wondering if there is a way to move the right author box below a record? It looks really weird with just one box and then the rest of the "sidebar" is empty. I would like a record to show full size without a "sidebar".
  7. Hi I have pages app and set the theme up according to the instructions.
  8. Great theme! I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but the peoples faces are not showing in the header. Is it tied to specific content?
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