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  1. Moderno 4.2 & by IPSMake

    So far the best theme I have bought here. Highly customizable and very nice to look at. Love the vertical navigation and full screen. Minus one star for renewal terms though.
  2. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    It’s working on my site. Using 2.1.0, so maybe it’s a new version problem?
  3. Club Sponsors Page - Supporttopic

    Any fix soon? Been over a week...
  4. Behemoth Theme [ support topic ]

    Thanks for quick reply. Going to skip this though, I don't use articles and my homepage is focused purely on downloads. I only know minimal edits, mostly small html codes that some themes require in for example footer and such. Good luck in the future. You themes look really good.
  5. Behemoth Theme [ support topic ]

    Hey, liking what I see here. I have a pre-purchase question. Is it possible to have featured files (downloads) in slider and not just articles? And if so is it easy or does it involve editing templates, css and so on?
  6. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    I just noticed that somehow your DownloadsPlus app removes a very vital function from the single files. The "Add Message" function dissapears when the app is enabled. App Enabled: App disabled:
  7. Clickable download extra fields

    That's great but still not not what I was going for. I was going for clickable fields like tags. If the user have to take extra steps using the search function they are more likely to not go there at all. It's 2017 and people are lazy and want things to be fast and smooth.
  8. Heres an idea for an update to the neglected downloads app. When a member create a new download and puts text into the extra fields and custom fields they should be treated as tags and be clickable. So for example if I have a custom field called "release date" and you type 2017 in the field, that field should be clickable and show other files with the same File Information text. Much like tags. As it is now everything is double work. If you wat to have a detailed file details pane and want members to be able to look for specific file within the same field you also have to add tags. That can very confusing for new uploaders and tags can easily be forgotten to add.
  9. Limit the number of features in clubs

    There's a section that provides exactly what you want if I understand it right.
  10. Downloads Plus

    Just what I needed since @superj707 mentioned the download app has so many missing features. The support system is just what I needed. With this it's tied directly to the file instead of a separate forum topic. My biggest problem was that you can't create support topics for files later on, so I forgot to choose the create forum topic for a category and anded up having 100+ files with no support topic. This app solved everything and added more features that are just great. Looking forward to more updates and hopes for a feature to add custom tabs.
  11. Create Support Topics for Files

    Not working on 4.2
  12. Extra Fields on Category View

    Ads so much more information directly in category view that can be helpful and save time for users. And still works with IPS 4.2
  13. (VN42) Matter - Google Material for IPS

    Good looking, smooth and fast. Although many small bugs, graphics design flaws and some plugins are not compatible. Seems to be far between updates, not well maintained.