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  1. Thanks for fast answer 😄 Where exactly do I find where I can edit the block settings for members? I have tried to looked and searched the menues, but I just can not find it..
  2. Hi We have 3 different groups of admins in our community, only members of one of these groups is shown in "online admins" in the sidebar. How do I get the members of the other groups, also visible in "online admins"?
  3. I have a nice message in my dashboard. Dangerous PHP Functions Enabled We recommend disabling the following functions on your server, or at least in the directory that your community is installed in. If you do not manage your server yourself, your hosting provider will be able to assist with this. exec, system, pcntl_exec, popen, proc_open, shell_exec It's after the big upgrade.. Should i add something to a file or remove some files or just leave it...?
  4. It actually was a javascript file that didn't have the proper rights, so it couldn't be overwritten while upgrading :) We fixed it.
  5. Thanks. We don't have any specific theme, and the ticket text area doesn't work either so I can't submit a ticket even. I'll try to clear the board cache.
  6. Hi, so I upgraded to the latest version today. It all seemed fine, but no one are able to write in the reply field now, using any browser, pc or phone. None of the text boxes in the whole forum works... If you click in the field, nothing happens.. If you type something it does not appear in the reply field. Any ideas?
  7. Thank you. I tried using user name instead of e-mail address as before, and was able to log in now.
  8. Hi, we upgraded to the newest version now, and it seems that my user name is no longer recognized when i try to log in to the admin panel. I had the credentials saved and written down, but the user name is not recognized. Is it possible to get a new? Did something go wrong in the upgrade?
  9. Anybody who knows about a smiliar plugin as this, but not only "go to top" in a post? Need one at the bottom of the pages, to easy let members go to the top.
  10. If I delete a user/account, the username changes to "guest". How/where can I change that to still be the username as original, or ex guest_username?
  11. Is it possible in any way, for members to hide topics or underforums they don't want to see?
  12. @TSP Er litt usikker på om denne feilen ligger i oversettelsen, eller om det er en feil jeg må ta med forumskall-leverandører, men hører med deg først Om flere stykker "liker" et innlegg, så vises alle navnene i varslinger, uten mellomrom. Er det i språkpakken du har glemt å legge til mellomroms-koden, eller er det en feil i forumet? Vedlagte bilde viser 3 navn uten mellomrom
  13. Satte til samisk jeg også, da da ble tusenseparatoren et punktum, men jeg ser det får andre følgefeil da noe er på samisk Jeg finner ikke den nynorske? Er det noen måter å løse dette på, kan jo ikke ha spørsmålstegn synlig?
  14. I have installed the applications "manage inactive members" and run the function "notify inactive members" I tried to see the log to see who got this message, but the log only said You have to enable the task. The settings are located in "Other Apps" -> "Manage Inactive Members". Task locked In the settings it said: By default, it only generates a task log if any members get notified. This confuses me, can I see a log or not? Anybody here who uses this applications who knows?
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