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  1. Member Map

    Just installed this and entered the API key, ticked all the permissions and I get a blank white screen with no map? Is anyone able to help me? Website is below: http://www.weatherscientific.co.uk/weather.forum/index.php?/membermap/
  2. This has been raised in our forum, very recently and it really gets on members nerves. Is there a way of changing the text 'warning points', to something entirely different? That may be a way round it.
  3. Few Questions ...

    Thanks Best customer service I've had since I've been here, that was quick! :smile: I'll crack on with this now :sorcerer:
  4. Few Questions ...

    Thank you I will go down the route of some-body else doing it, as long as it is done properly. Now how do I go about cancelling my current Invision Board and set-up which includes hosting and buying the $175 license? Also, I noticed the IP Chat users fees, I am assuming these are the fees for IP Chat only and not how many members can frequent the forum at any one time?
  5. Few Questions ...

    Thank you for getting back to me. I've played around with the CSS and templates and I can achieve a desirable comparison to my current forum regards basic functionality but moreover the aesthetics. Definitely more than achievable and this is some-thing that I would like to do. Where I will need the help is setting it up on another server with another host and converting my data across etc. Once the Invision software has been installed on the appropriate host I desire and all of my old data from my current existing PhpBB3 forum has been converted everything else I can achieve myself. Recently a competitor of mine merged my PhpBB data with there Invision forum and run the conversion and it all worked very well so I know that this can be done. It looked very good too. Sadly the merge didn't work. If you could point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.
  6. Few Questions ...

    Hi Few questions ... I have an account with Invision, hosting a forum which I have given up trying to convert. Sadly, Invision hosting is not ideal for me, it's just too slow. I would really like to buy the license with renewal etc? However, I will need some support setting it up. Is there anyone on here that I can get a quote from to set-up the forum on my other host, but more important complete the entire conversion process from PhpBB3 across to Invision. The design of the forum etc. I would like to do. The reason for wanting to employ some-one to do this is I simply do not have the time to do it myself. It is really important that this is an option, otherwise I don't think I will be in the position to purchase. If there is anyone who would like to assist, please PM me. Many thanks Keith Joe
  7. IP.Content - inserting images into articles

    It really shouldn't be this difficult to add an image and position it easy within a box? The IP Content concept is a good one, but fundamentally as a very basic requirement in web site management - we as the editor need to be able to upload an image and position it precisely within a chosen CSS box. Now I am guessing that this can be done, but my word it is no obvious or easy feat. Any solutions? What I require is a box with an image elongated horizontally at the top and all the text below the image, very easy you would think - not so.
  8. Recent Posts (Sidebar Block)

    How would I change the font?
  9. Questions Before Buying

    Wonderful, all signed up now. Have my forum and account in place, now the daunting bit - starting to work out a whole new way of skinning and code. I'm so used to PhpBB. Lots of things to explore and become accustomed too. Exciting. Now; first step 'migration', I need to transfer all of my existing database files from PhpBB3 to Invision. A few questions: I already have a domain name I would like to transfer across from my existing or 'old' host - what do I need to do? Ideally I would like to keep the weather forum fully operationally on the old host server under the domain name I will be transferring - until I have fully designed the aesthetics. Do I migrate, design the forum and main CMS and then move the domain over?
  10. Questions Before Buying

    Thank you for your help. 20$ per month for the plan I am initially looking at. Can you tell me if there are any initial 'hidden' start up fees? Can I just pay 20$ today and have it all in place?
  11. Questions Before Buying

    Hi Everybody on IPS :smile: I have been running a UK Weather Forum on PhpBB for a little over 6 years now and am considering a move to a more diverse forum software package. I also like the look of the CMS integration. However, I do have a few questions before committing. I am currently hosted with simplybehosted and I understand one of my options is to purchase a 'full license' which allows me to have IP Board and IP Content as desired. I understand the initial cost if $213 - however I would like clarification as to exactly what this gives me? Do I get support in setting this up on my hosted server? What does the initial cost include and are there extra renewal fees required and if so how often are these applied. Cost is important as right now PhpBB is FREE and I only have my host costs. To move from my existing host is more complex and potentially disruptive to my forum, thus I need to minimize impact. The packages look more cost effective on IPS, but It's paramount that the forum is lightning quick and reliable - is this the case? I already have a URL address: If I move from my current host to IPS how will I ensure that my PhpBB forum remains open for business whilst I develop IP? Will you assist in transfer? Thank you, look forward to your reply.