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  1. I have a Vbulletin forum that has been hacked and defaced 3 times in the past month and the last time(thursday) just annoyed me greatly do to a vbulletin vunerability and I am looking at both Xenforo and IPB. We have hosted demos for both softwares and Xenforo was not exactly wanted by my staff team and they seem to like IPB much more. However, I am using the demo tot each them the ins and outs of the software so we can go ahead and learn IPB so we can provide our member's with a worthwhile site and much better software. However, as I am teaching them the look and feel of IPB, I for the life of me can not figure out to add custom links to the IPB footer. With Xenforo it was quite easy to add a simple link. The link should link apple.com with text that says "Apple Official Site" I'm trying to teach them the graphic/look and feel but they are getting frustrated and I am getting frustrated. So in the demo how does one add a link to the footer? I hope to get an answer soon because I'm on a time crunch and would like to buy the software and have converted today because my site has been offline now for about 2 days and i don't want to lose members.