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  1. Does VigLink Work Currently?

    I have it on a vB forum since April of this year and averaged about $120 a month. However.. For October so far, it only brought in $3.50. Something seems wrong.
  2. How to get more members interested

    It is very, very difficult to start a new forum from scratch. And it can take many years to get reasonable traffic. Facebook has taken over the need for many forums. Trying to get something established next to Facebook and the existing large forums being bought by large media companies is nearly impossible. Perhaps adding daily content like a blog may get it started but don't count on it. Don't want to sound too negative but I think that's the reality for new forums these days.
  3. Anti spammer registration timer

    My vBulletin site was flooded with spam bots. After installing an add-in requiring registrations to take at least 15 seconds between loading of registration page and actual submission eliminated all (or nearly all) spam bots. A system like that does work very good.
  4. Fake a few members on new boards

    Instead of talking to yourself and creating fake content, what about new forums that need some new content helping out each other to get things going? More here: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/397452-help-out-a-new-community/
  5. Haze by IPS Themes

    It happens when I go to any new page. I tried it on your demo site as well and same thing happens.
  6. Haze by IPS Themes

    I mostly use Safari on my iPad. I have Chrome installed on there as well but not sure if it has the same issue.
  7. Haze by IPS Themes

    Any thoughts when this will be fixed and made available in a new version?
  8. Creating a Home Page Feel With IP Content

    This guide was very helpful in setting up a home page: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  9. Creating a Home Page Feel With IP Content

    You'll just need IP.Content to do this in addition the forum, gallery, blog and other applications . Only the image patchwork block is an add-on but that was only $6. You basically define the blocks for content and output format (many have been set up already) and use these blocks to create a home page or other pages.
  10. Creating a Home Page Feel With IP Content

    It is easy to create a home page with IP.Content and pull information from articles, forums, blogs and gallery images. That was one of the main selling points for me to go with Invision instead of vB for a new site. Check it out here: http://motorgearheads.com/ Articles only: http://motorgearheads.com/articles
  11. (M34) Garage System

    Yes, I purchased through devfuse.com and I'll submit a support ticket there.
  12. (M34) Garage System

    I recently installed the Garage on a new site. There were about 8 vehicles added but some mysteriously disappeared and now only 4 are left. Did this happen to any other site and where did these missing vehicles go?
  13. Haze by IPS Themes

    There is also an issue with the header on an iPad. If you have the sticky header turned off, it will still stick on every page. You have to scroll the page first, stop the scrolling and then the header goes away.
  14. (M34) Garage System

    Perhaps even better would be to have the images available in My Media. It currently shows each vehicle as one entry which you can add in a post but it would be perfect if you would be able to see all your garage images and be able to insert images in a post. Similar to Gallery Albums and Gallery Images.
  15. (M34) Garage System

    A few questions that I haven't seen asked before. 1) a block to show the latest and/or random garage vehicles on ip.content pages would be very nice. Pretty much the same as the hook for the forum index. 2) When you open an image in the lightbox, right-clicking doesn't;t show an option for copying the image URL for easy sharing in other places. You can click Save, image will open in a new tab/window and there you can copy the image URL. It would be nice to eliminate this extra step. Even better, in the Gallery is a menu option to show share links for BBCode, HTML and other image links. That would be even better to have that for Garage images.