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  1. I changed the engine from MyISAM to InnoDB via phpmyadmin (change to storage engine). Everything moved by itself without error. Do I have to do anything else?
  2. This is a screen from another page only as an example. Yes, but not everyone gave the same advice when looking at other topics. Hence, I want to mention this topic again.
  3. Hello, I am using version MySQL v5.5.5-10.4.15-MariaDB-cll-lve. I would like to change the engine of some database columns (1/4 of them are on the MyISAM engine, including posts, topics, statuses, and the remaining 3/4 on InnoDB), so I have questions for you: Can changing these tables delete some data? For example, if we have 3000 posts, it can suddenly become 2980 after conversion? Which way is better: First way) Typing in turn for each table: ALTER TABLE wp_comments ENGINE=InnoDB; Second way) Manually changing the table setting: Does it not matter which of the two options? Do I need to do anything else after doing either of these two options? And it will rebuild some itself from MyISAM to InnoDB? I will be grateful, especially @bfarberfor help. Thanks 😘
  4. Yes, but displaying "saved actions" in moderation options is from top to bottom. And it would be good to arrange them yourself, because there are templates that move something to the trash, and there are those that work only on a given forum.
  5. Hello, Currently once added saved actions, don't move it down. That's why I have suggestions: Sort by name ( as in IPB 3.4.9 ). Manual sorting, i.e. we move ourselves "saved actions"
    Mam dwie propozycje: 1. Żeby w spisie rang na forum też pojawiały się osoby z grupami podrzędnymi. Chodzi np. o to, żeby ktoś kto ma rangę Moderatora forum, ale grupę podrzędną Admin serwera X by był też wyświetlany tutaj -> https://1shot2kill.pl/szukaj/?type=core_members&group[21]=1 2. Żeby dało się wyłączyć pokazywanie danej rangi. Przykładowo ktoś posiada rangę ukrytą, o której wiedzą nieliczni i żeby nie była wyświetlana użytkownikom. Pozdrawiam
  6. Krytyk


    How disable "followMouse"?
  7. Please add sort Saved actions.
  8. Hello, How are the saved actions listed? It seems to me that this is a problem. Once added saved actions, don't move it down. Can you add IPS 4.x sorting options? Greetings
  9. I have problem with this application. When I installed the aplication ( at the ip.board style ) I see You do not have permission to view tournaments. Some sugestions ? Help. ------------------------------ OK I find the solution. ACP -> SETTINGS -> TOURNAMENTS -> Basic Tournament Settings -> Here i set permissions. Sorry about my english. REGARDS :)
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