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  1. Glare by IPS Themes

    I have the same issue.
  2. Glare by IPS Themes

    How difficult would it be to have 2 backgrounds selectable. I'd like one for the header but the another scaled down version of it for the forum sections and other block headers. Oh, and another vote for a narrower/customizable header.
  3. Turn your Suite into a website

    Thanks. Reading it through it doesn't seem easy nor does it help SEO. I think I'll stick wit your instructions and leave it at that for now. Thanks.
  4. Turn your Suite into a website

    Making a subdomain is the easy bit. I'm trying to understand if I can various menu items (forums, members, chat) resolve to subdomains (forums. Members. chat.) instead of how it is now (/forums, /members, /chat)
  5. Glare by IPS Themes

    Nope. Further testing, when I select Pink Boleh and save, the selection changes to sky and clouds menu option but the skin colour is pink.
  6. Glare by IPS Themes

    When I select the Sky & Clouds thme I get the hot pink instead.
  7. IP.Nexus requirements

    Thanks. Downloaded, checked, purchased and now the fun starts.
  8. IP.Nexus requirements

    I clicked on the IP.Nexus requirements checking script link found in the client area download page and I just got taken to the general Nexus sales page. Where has the requirements script gone ? to find out.[/size][/font][/color] IP.Nexus 1.5.2 [color=#282828][font=proxima-nova, 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial][size=4] This is the latest version of IP.Nexus. Not sure which version to download? Use our requirements checking script
  9. IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

    I did some digging and I reckon you're right. I tried 4 other skins and I have the same wide spacing of the post it. I'll have to start uninstalling apps and hooks until the problem goes away. Wanna swap ? ;)
  10. IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

    Actually, it doesn't work on an iPad that's not using the mobile skin. The icons are one on top of each other.
  11. IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

    Thanks ! That worked nicely.
  12. IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

  13. IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

    I have a fair bit of blank empty space between the postbit and the post. Is there a setting somewhere that lets me change the width of the postbit ? At the moment it's a bit too wide I reckon. See attached for what I'm talking about.
  14. IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

    Yep, I can find my own icons and trek through ACP. Thanks for the instructions.
  15. IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

    Ok, that's not ideal. When do you expect the next update to be released? I need to make the board live by the end of next week and ideally I have the social stuff all setup. If it won't be by next week, could you tell me what and where to edit in the templates to get at least Facebook and twitter icons up ? If that's not possible, I'll ping you in a PM about how we work something out