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  1. Facebook Group Integration

    I am in the market for forum software, specifically one that can sync up with Facebook groups. Facebook groups are sorely lacking in features, but a lot of users like them because it's "all right there". I am looking for a solution that will merge the two - Facebook groups, and web-based forum software. Ideally, what I'm looking for is the ability for the forum software to both pull and push from multiple public and private Facebook groups. Each Facebook group could be linked to its own sub-forum, which would provide additional features like pinning hot topics, etc., with the Facebook side remaining transparent to the link. i.e, a user could post from either the website or the group, and the forum software behaves as expected. Providing a means to hook into existing Facebook groups as described above would go a long way toward making our community more accessible, yet still provide the cutting edge features that Facebook lacks. What do you think? :)