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  1. Happy that I just bought IP.Board, Content and Gallery. Excited about the game tonight. Go Gophers! :)

  2. I am now a paying customer!!! :lol:
  3. I will buy it from here! :thumbsup: Looking forward to see what it is possible with the different solutions. Thank you for your answer.
  4. Good day! I am getting ready to try out IP.board and will first download it for a new community but I also have another community that is already up and running. I would like to keep some of the look the same since I have advertising that need to look the same (placement). Anyone interested in helping me make some of these changes (probably not big) and how much would it cost? Please send me a PM and I will show you the community. Thanks!
  5. What do I need for a community?

    Do I install IP.Content the same way as I do with IP.Board? Uploading it to www.site.com/content and then upload the special IP.Content index.php file to your server's public html directory? www.site.com ?
  6. What do I need for a community?

    Thank you! I would like to have a blog on the first page (root) and the forums in /forum. Do you know of any site that is set up that way?
  7. What do I need for a community?

    Would I upload IP.content files to another folder like /content ? I am getting close to giving this a try so I am thankful for all help! The board/forum looks great but I am still not sure how IP.content will work but I guess I will find out! :)
  8. What do I need for a community?

    Again, thank you! I will have my site in another language (swedish). Do I need to translate IP.content? I am also looking to host the page myself. I am guessing that I would upload IP.board to /forum and does it matter where I upload IP.content?
  9. Lots of stuff! :)

  10. What do I need for a community?

    Thanks for your answers! A site blog that only I contribute to. Is IP.Content part of the demo? I have a demo but I can find it.
  11. I am in the process of starting a new community and I really like IP.board but I am not sure what I need to add from you suite in order to get the best result. I want the first page when people visit my community to be a blog, I want to be able to have different pages with links, articles and other information, a forum (IP.board) and a gallery. What do I need from your suite? I am not sure how IP.Content is working compared to IP.Blog. Thank you, Micke