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  1. A Few Questions

    I currently have a phpbb forum that I plan to upgrade to a more sophisticated platform. I was going to go to vbulletin but then I found IP and you guys seem to have every feature I want. I just have a few questions that I need answering to help me decide where to go 1. How easy is it to integrate ads into your forum? With vbulletin you can select blocks to paste ad code onto so it couldn't be simpler. My plan is to integrate ads from buysellads and I'd want complete control over where they appear and the size. Hopefully that's not a problem 2. Is it simple to move a forum from phpbb to IP? 3. How easy is it to modify your forum in terms of appearance. I would only want to change the background/header but coding/back end stuff isn't my thing so it has to be simple 4. Is the licence a lifetime licence? 5. This may be a stupid question but with the chat feature - what exactly does 'users' refer to? Thanks :)