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  1. How is the updates coming? Particularly to disable to the preview of the first post and go direct to topic.
  2. The hook is only enabled for certain groups currently. Thanks :smile:
  3. Thank you!! :D Yes I am. Not sure why, but I've altered the CSS myself and it's worked, so I'm happy enough :smile:
  4. I don't know if it is this skin, or the responsive hook. When you view on the smallest viewport (mobile) the View New Content button cannot be found. Our users rely on this heavily, is there an easy way to re-instate it? Also to fix an issue with the search box as I mentioned above #search_options_menucontent Needs the following added; color: #000; text-shadow: none; Same for #search_options
  5. No Worries :) Thank you for everything so far, it's good to see your working hard on fixes and features, even with it being a free theme! :D
  6. Compared to I had altered other areas off CSS to make the nav bar smaller. But it happens regardless. EDIT: Seeing that picture, made me notice this too!
  7. Your support forum's facebook registration doesn't work... the App is in sandbox mode ;) I may have found a bug, just a background that's out by a pixel or two! - The icons next to the username on the header bar, for PM's and notifications. The hover background doesn't go as low as the username does! Though to be honest, I haven't yet updated to 1.2.0 so can't confirm if it's still there. EDIT: Yes, it's there on 1.2.0 too
  8. How can I get 1.1.1? Only 1.0.0 is listed on IPS Markteplace.
  9. Would it be possible to have the cover photo for the topic also shown in the "wraparound" area of each page of that topic. I've done it there by editing the CSS in the console below, hopefully that should give you an idea.
  10. Just an idea... Would something like this be possible at all? Not exactly the best demonstration, but hopefully you get the idea! Don't know how easy that would be? Would just add extra benefit to users for applying it to their topics?
  11. How is 1.2 coming along? :D
  12. Thank you. I seem to have solved it by re-syncing the board topics. Strange, cause I know I would have done that when I converted. But oh well! :lol: That menu bar looks much a better/neater alternative than what's in place currently! How about my original question? Any thoughts on that?
  13. I assume you mean this question? If so, yes, every image uploaded via ACP. Yes, everything is enabled. Although I've since noticed, that this only seems to happen on threads that were started before I converted to IPB from phpBB last July! (These are long, ongoing project threads)
  14. Another thing I've just noticed is that some of the topics don't have the edit cover button in their first post...
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