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  1. Answer my own question: Global Templates, sub_header - At the top of the code, put <!-- and at the very end put --> and it renders all of that invisible. That was for anyone else trying to get rid of it also.
  2. Only disapointment

    HMm... only if he's paid for it. http://www.invisionpower.com/apps/gallery/ It's 65 $.
  3. Tournaments

    Well, I can't honestly say I tried working with it after the first time I attempted and failed. First impressions are a drag...
  4. Tournaments

    Coming from someone who has used this application before -- I can assuredly say that it's not worth the $50 bucks it costs, including the $24 annual subscription that backs it, costing more than hosting a site for only a year... For those curious, the tournament mod is set on a ladder and bracket function. It would be best for video games like Call of Duty where you can put in teams and then go head to head to see who wins. You place the groups in line, but the system is entirely buggy in doing so and there's no mod-help once you've wasted your money. Inputting image data doesn't work the first time and has to be edited to get it to change, once it's set already. There's no size comparisons or examples for what to use, so you will spend 20 minutes trying to edit an image to fit for one type of combat or style of tournament. It's clunky with it's wording and poorly, 'technically' written - to where trying to use the system is more of a headache than useful. You have to have exact team numbers that are divisible by four. Four, eight, twelve, sixteen, etc -- otherwise, you can't have a tournament held at all. If you have seven people sign up, you have to kick out three of them because the tournament wont work otherwise. Also, all of the values have to be hand-added instead of having a functional check-system, if you wanted to have thread battles or roleplaying combat. All of this is to say that we didn't ever get a tournament off the ground because the mod didn't function properly in the end. Tsk... Hope that's a good enough review for those of you looking to blow 50 bucks.
  5. The work you've put into this theme is incredibly intensive. Excellent job for all of your work. My question is: the youtube video feed at the start-up on the index -- is there a way to randomize it with several video links, so that if you refresh the page, a different video will play? Maybe a list of 10 videos and it'll cycle through them?
  6. While I understand what you're saying, putting quotations around the word "Dice" seems a bit redundant, seeing as the Search query has NOTHING else to search for, but Dice. Lol.
  7. [HSC] Table BBCode

    This thread hasn't been updated in a while, but is it even possible not for just color, but a background img src?
  8. I've noticed this time and time again with the search function in IPB and I'm wondering what in the world the code is actually doing when you punch something into the search function. I come to your forum, looking for a specific mod. So I type in "Dice" because I'm looking for a Dice Rolling mod and it brings up like 8 pages worth of stuff, of which 3 posts are dedicated to old mods and the rest don't make any sense, lol. What exactly does the software do when you plug something like that in?
  9. Download: Dice Roller

    Does anyone know if this is up-to-date at all, or where you can find an up-to-date version of this mod? The current one is linked to a downed forum.
  10. Download: GLOW SKIN

    I recently downloaded this, and that sound is so freaking annoying, no one on our board uses the theme. Got a Fix?
  11. Download: MineCraft Ranks

    No offense... but why would someone buy this when we could make them for free?
  12. Can this mod be placed at the bottom of the forum?