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  1. [HQ] Forum Icons

  2. Category Tabs by IPS Themes

    The white and blue wrap break the sidebar, is there a fix? Edit: Managed to fix the bug by changing the padding to a -2px.
  3. Category Tabs by IPS Themes

    Very nice, thx!
  4. Category Tabs by IPS Themes

    Edit: Working fine.
  5. Just as an advice, i found a mod that could accomplish what you're looking for. here:
  6. (NG33) Image Align

    Just a bit of offtopic, sorry author. You can try to put a div inside the bbcode, so you can deal with the CSS later, like this: [caption]<div class='outer'> <p>Hello World</p> </div> You can actually create the same effect of this mod, using different bbcode for each purpose, like: Custom BBCode Example: <div class='outer'>[img*] your image and img* tag with it[/img*]</div> Custom BBCode Tag:left Custom BBCode Replacement:<pre class='left' style='float:left; margin:4px;'>{content}</pre> Enter 'content' dialogue text:[img*]image address[/img*] as a result: Here the same principle but with align right: remove the * from img code.
  7. (NG33) Image Align

    If I hit topic preview twice, or edit the post, the bbcode breaks. Also, there are redundancies on the installation instruction.
  8. Is it possible to set a watermark url on future updates?
  9. twitter login panel

    Nevermind, its fixed on the 1.0.1 version.
  10. Sign in through Google

    Yeah. Some buttons were not appearing here due to some other mod, but its fixed now.
  11. twitter login panel

    Tried to disable the hook, it broke the navigation toolbar, how do I disable it? I tried to remove it, same thing...
  12. Sign in through Google

    Just to make this clear, the mod does not do this: [/http://i.imgur.com/OEpzD.jpgimg] What should I do? When a member logs in with Google, the button is not there for him to login again on the site.
  13. Sign in through Google

    How do I put the Google Icon at Navigation toolbar, at the top of the site?
  14. Featured Content for IPS 3.4.x

    If I remove the <br />, it doesnt work anymore.
  15. This is very important, why is it not ON by default? In this current state, I'll have to tell the users to turn this ON by themselves... :sad: Edit: Oh, I Think I spotted the config on AdminCP -> Members -> Notification Defaults(Key: post_mentions)