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  1. Okay, so i found out that there is a WAY simpler way of doing this.. There is a mod that does it all, perfectly. :)
  2. Okay, i had a loooot of problems with this aswell. Actually, just one. But it took me a long time to fix.. Turns out you just have to be REALLY carefull with the skin mods! Copy paste.. Dosnt work? Do it again. Took me 3 times :P
  3. Can i do a "Contact Us" Block with this mod?
  4. Well yeah, but not just replace the ones i have. I want "extra" images :smile: Sure! :smile:
  5. Thanks to both of you! Great help! Ended up using the span attribute.. Really nice. I used this code: <span id="test"><img src="FILENAME.png"></span> Now, when i "mouseover" the icon, a popup apears with the entire code in.. How can i make that go away? :)
  6. Hi! I'm really new to IPS and i've just setup my site using IP.Board and IP.Content. What i have: I have installed the IP.Board and have setup all my forums. Everything is good. What i want: Each forum has an icon (as they always have), but what i want is to create additional icon. So i want one more icon at some of the forums. And i want it to look like it is a part of the titel-text (just like if there where a smiley in the forum titel).. To make it easier to understand, i've attached a screenshot, and draw a red ring where i want this new icon to be. Dont i make any sense? Pleas
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