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  1. im a customer, why i cant i post in the support forums?

    I ordered my basic ten package (only using this package during the construction of my community) about four or five days ago. I recently switched from VB to IPB and ive got to say its a pretty big change, ive installed a few mods and skins myself so far but there is one im having trouble with which is why i was seeking the support forums to see if a well known trustworthy customer could help me install this global message mod. If anyone could help me it would be the world to me, ill offer you advertising on my forums for your services if you would like. We are moving close to 1,500 members to our community soon. If you can help please reply here or pm me. Thank you so much for any possible assistance!
  2. now that im a customer why cant i post in the support forums?
  3. I just paid via debit card for the basic ten package, do you know when my forum will be up and running? Thanks.
  4. questions before purchasing

    I have been a user a IPB since the early years though for the past two years ive been in the military and am just now having the time to get back into the product. Ive always loved forums and web hosting in general and i happen to have a sever that im not using. I was thinking about purchasing a forum package from you guys and offering ipb users/owners free web hosting and design services and such. Would this be breaking and guidelines by any chance? Pretty much all im wanting to do is offer a resource community with free webhosting for ipb license owners. Would this be a problem? Thanks, Jay